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[FiveM Ready] 2016 Ford FPIU K9 w/ 2-Stage - Jackson's Garage 1.0.0

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Hello! Lets get into the main information about this model. This is *obviously* a Ford 2016 FPIU, outfitted with a K9 Cage for making the vehicle able to be used by a K9 Unit. Ontop of that, it comes with Templated Doorcards for the K9 Cage, allowing you to add stickers to the back doorcards, more on that in the README file. It comes as slicktop only, and Utilizes the Whelen Inner Edge FST, Whelen Micron, Whelen Inner Edge RTX, and more lighting. It comes equipped with onboard 2-Stage Lighting, for the Visor lights and the Rear Deckbar, utilizing extras, you can toggle the Visorlights to shut off the Main Lighting, and initiate an all white Flood Lighting/Takedown, which is a useful utility for lighting up Traffic Stops, low-light enviroments, and many more. You can toggle the Rear deckbar to shut off the main lighting, and initiate an all Amber Traffic Advisory pattern, which is a useful utility for directing traffic, and making yourself visible to oncoming motorists. It also comes with a fully detailed and realistic interior in the front of the vehicle, aswell as the back K9 Cage area. As well as coming fitted with a Westin Pursuit PIT Pushbar, which is toggleable at the Wrap and Pushbar levels through

Edited by Jackson's Garage

2016 Ford FPIU Base Model: Kane104
Whelen Inner Edge XLP: CEO
Whelen Mircon: CEO
Whelen Inner Edge RTX: Krul
Whelen Dominator: ZZ Studios/Tanner
Whelen Linv/Linv2: OfficerFive0
Westin Pursuit/Pit Pushbar: Jophics
Whelen SA314 Speaker: Sirvilmos
Interior K9 Cage: ZZ Studios/Tanner
WIWANG Antenna Pack: Steinberg
Whelen 335 Series Spotlight: CJ24
2016 FPIU Interior Console: CJ24/Jakub
Motorolla APX 6500: Dan w/ The Van
Whelen Cencom Siren Controller: Jakub
AceK9 Hot n' Pop: Smanbg
Brother Pocketjet Printer: BC Designs
Motorolla MW810 MDT: CJ24
Vehicle Livery: LSPDFR Pics

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