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Pleasanton PD 2013 Ford Explorer [NON-ELS | FiveM Ready] 1.0.0

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So this is an update to the last thing about this Department I made. No I will not make anymore and no, this is not based off of DoJ's 2013 LSPD Explorer. 

If you kinda liked this please feel free to join my Discord



If you find any bugs / missed credits, feel free to DM me on Discord @ Maryland Modifications#6037



///Pleasanton PD Based 2013 Ford Explorer\\\


2013 Ford Explorer - Joshua Tanner (ZZ Studios)

//Lighting Equipment

Whelen Liberty I - Kane104
Whelen ION - CEO
Whelen ION Mirror Beams - CEO
Whelen M2 - OfficerFive0

//Vehicle Equipment

Setina PB400 - CEO
Radar - Jakub
Console - Cj24
Toughbook - Cj24
Siren Controller - Qica & MiikeMQ
Radio - Dan with the Van!
Brother Printer - Billy J.
Dashcam - Cj24
Spotlight - GeorgieMoon
Spotlight Mounts - Cj24
Partition - CEO
Back Partition - Krul

///This is my Terms of Service for using my pack. Failure to abide by these terms will result in a ban from not only my server, but evey server I can.\\\


1) You will not re-destribute any of the files located within the archive you receive
2) You will not post any of the files located in the archive on any Discord or Website without MY EXPRESS PERMISSION (I withhold the right to deny this)
3) You will not rip or try to unlock any of the files
4) You will not edit (exept the texture dictionaries .ytd), rip, or dismantle any of the vehicle files
5) I accept no responsibility for any damages done to your FiveM Server, Computer, or GTA V (If any occurs)
6) No refunds will be allowed unless permitted by me
7) I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time for any reason I see fit
😎 Any product that is sold by me will not be in FiveM Ready form. It is on you to assemble the archive
9) I reserve the right to sell your commission at any time at any price I see fit
10) By opening a ticket, you agree that you have read and understand the Terms of Service (ToS) and agree to abide by them at all times

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