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2020 Chevy Brush Truck [FIVEM READY] 1.0.0

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-- Need Support : https://discord.gg/rBBCDwhRYr


Hope you enjoy my content and would like to join my discord and support me!

PAR46 Super LED
Whelen Par46 Super LED by GTAxB0SS
Whelen Par46 LED Spotlight 3.0 by CJ24

2020 Chevy Silverado
3d model by : gamemodels.ru

FD Bumper
Created by Rogue Thunder
Diamond plate texture by Five0

Code 3 RX2700
modeled and textured by Cj24.

Brush Truck Back
Back frame by Rogue Tunder.

Extra parts:
Drawers by HuskyBaud
Yellow hose by RockStar
Cone by 72will
Ladder by WBRPD
Red hose by stephen14284

1. Is this FiveM Ready: Yes


2. Are they Non-els: yes all my models are non-els 


3. are your models Unlocked: NO


4. Can you make me custom models yes open a ticket in my discord!!

1. Leaking, redistributing, ripping or modifying in any way
is not permitted.

2. All sales made in "Spittons™" are final no refunds
unless permitted by Spittons™#0411

3. Any type of discounts do not apply to custom orders only listings.

4. Do not take credit for assets made by "Spittons™#0411"

5. All transactions will be done in USD and through Paypal.

6. Attempting to charge back a payment will result in a permanent ban.

7. Proof of transfer is required in all purchases.

8. We reserve the right to refuse service.

9. Being in leaking servers will result in a purchase ban from "Spittons™"

10. Claiming ownership to any of Spittons™ work is strictly forbidden.

11. Being a customer does not exclude you from being removed due to breaking the TOS. Script updates are only provided if you remain in the discord and retain your customer role.

12. reselling or redistributing of any script bought or provided by spittons™️ is strictly prohibited, If you are caught redistributing or reselling any Thing made by spittons, you will be blacklisted and not let back in, as well as reported to affiliated servers.

13. spittons™ reserves the right to change the terms of service at any time.

14. spittons™ is not responsible for any damage to your computer or game.

15. Custom assets EUP, Skins made by Spittons™️ are not to me Alternated.

16. Altering Ripping and converting if the content is not authorized please
respect my work ask before you acted

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