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Valor Pack [Non-ELS] | Modkits and Traffic Stage Lights 1.0.0

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I started this project near the beginning of June after purchasing some awesome dev models. I ended up losing interest recently due to small imperfections. The plan was to do 10 vehicles and release it in my discord, but after noticing the imperfections, I decided that it would be better for a public release. I plan to do some small fixes to some of the vehicles sometime in September. School is coming so this is a banger way to start the school year!

Extra 12 is the Extra the changes the lighting pattern
The last 2 modkits in every vehicle but the 2013 explorer turn on and off the Grill and rear visor lights. The rambar and wraps and antennas are all under modkits as well.
On the 2013 Explorer the Rear visor is a Extra.

The Vehicles in it are,
2011 Vic, 2013 FPIU, 2014 Charger, 2016 FPIU, 2018 Charger and a 2018 F150

Join my Discord!!!

A special thanks to all the people in the credits!!!

Edited by Clover Mods

Special thanks to:



The Par46 Spotlights

The Consoles in the 16 FPIU, 14 & 18 Chargers

Motorola Antennas

Federal Signal SignalMaster
Federal Signal Smart System LMS
Panasonic Toughbook
Federal Signal Impaxx
Helping Me update my lighting template with better Emissive Textures

F150 Console
Havis Side Mount

Terry Sloman:
F150 Rambar
14 Charger Rambar
Wraps for Rambar

2016 FPIU Rambar Pack


Setina RP Inspired Partition


2013 FPIU Rambar Pack


Other Consoles
Stalker Radar

Billy J:


Dan with the Van:
Radio and Mic

Gun Rack

Cargo partition

0Taku for:

GeorgieMoon for:
F150 Base

Kanes for: 
2016 Explorer
Valor Lightbar

ZeZe for:
2013 FPIU

Matthew Peralta:
2018 Dodge Charger and Rambar


2014 Dodge Charger

If I missed anyone I really do apologies. Please let me know if I did! Thank you!

1. You may not Rip my content.
2. You may not resell any of my content.
3. Please respect the work. Constructive Criticism is fine, just don't be a dick.

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This pack is ABSOLUTE ART but, 2018 Charger's rear brakelight and rear blinkers are not functioning

Edited by korgreenKIM
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The 11 CVPI template doesnt work for that car. Any chance there is another one for it?

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