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[FiveM Ready] 2016 Unmarked FPIU 1.0.0

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Hello all! This is something I wanted to make now that I got Kanes 2016 Ford FPIU, its a lighting setup with DUO Modules, meaning that each module flashes red and blue too. It doesnt have a pushbar because I didnt like how It came out with them. Mostly simple setup, includes floodlighting too. Thats really it. 

2016 Ford Police Interceptor: Kane104

Whelen FST and RST: Krul

Whelen Ion Solos and Duos: CEO

Havis Console: Jakub

Havis Touchscreen and Mount: KLE0

Stalker Dual DSR: Jakub

Whelen Cencom Gold: Jakub

Motorolla APX6500: Dan w/ The Van

ProGuard P1000: Billy J.

Unity 335 Series LED: CJ24

1. TOS is Agreed to upon using/purchasing any model or product

2. This model is produced in the form you see currently. This model is not to pre Reproduced or Leaked into any discord, member, or Community for any reason. People who wish to use these models for a Server they are a member in must know that if you give the model to someone higher in the community and they leak it, you are subject to equal punishment.

3. I am not responsible for any Injury Caused by this model (Ex: Seizure) .

4. You are not entitled to a refund at any time

5. Anyone who is/has been banned/punished in Jackson's Garage is not entitled to a refund.

6. I am not responsible for any damage to ones Server, PC, or Server files, I cannot help you if you break the model or your server in the process of adding this model.

7. Any attempt to Rip, Redistribute, Claim ownership of this model, or otherwise negatively effect the release in question is not allowed.

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Vehicle is great,  Just for  future information, you can adjust the Handling meta. for future vehicles. the steering on this one was quite  loose,  But overall it seemed like a vehicle that the terminator created.  and it seems based off it. 

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On 8/30/2021 at 6:31 AM, Dcressman51 said:

this is non els lol


When it says fivem ready assume  its non els, unless stated by the model creator otherwise

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