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Pleasanton Police 2011 Crown Victoria 1.0.0

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I was going to sell it but I decided to releases it so enjoy


Base Model - Underwood
Lighting - Reogontv
Misc- Cj24, Dan

Titanic Studios TERMS OF SERVICE

- You are NOT allowed to rip my models.
- All models will be LOCKED unless told otherwise.
- All purchases from Titanic Studios will be final. Refund will not happen unless, it is approved by, Nick
- I will NOT be held accountable for any damage to your items, whether that be server or computer etc.
- I will ONLY accept payment via my paypal.me link (IN USD)
- Do NOT Leak, redistribute, sell, resell ANY of my vehicles without direct and EXPLICIT permission
-  We have the power to recall/dismiss any access to any of our content at any point.
- I have the right to cancel any custom order at any time, if it requires it
- You may not at anytime refit my liverys with out my approval, You will be banned from my server and reported to many others
- When purchasing development parts you must credit me and anyone else who is required

All cars sold by us are non-refundable and paid for through paypal. All vehicles will be tested and screenshots of them working will be sent. Once you have the vehicles it is up to you the customer to make them work on your own server. But if you need assistance you can ask someone in fivem help or the support team. I am not liable for you not being able to make your own vehicles work. All payments through paypal will need to be processed as a transaction for goods or services. You do not have my permission to re sell or re distribute any models paid for by me.```


I also have the right to REFUSE A SALE!!

@Nick  makes these vehicles intended for the LSPDFR framework.
Titanic Studios Management Team

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2 hours ago, FletcherH said:

why is it lifted lol

Idk base model is weird I will fix that in a update

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On 8/13/2021 at 11:01 PM, nick12 said:

Idk base model is weird I will fix that in a update

yeah those wheels are pretty big

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