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2021 LSPD Dodge Durango | RB 1.0.0

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Join the discord at: https://discord.gg/RhCxAP3HmB

If I missed any credits lmk so I can update them, thanks.
2021 Durango Base Model - Raz3r
Feniex 44' Lightbar - Raz3r
Sentina Pushbar - Raz3r
Feniex Triton - Raz3r
Feniex AICUBE - Raz3r
Feniex Quad - Raz3r
Feniex Dashx2 - Raz3r
Feniex Fusion Front & Rear - Raz3r
Spotlight - OfficerFive0

Q: Why aren't the lights working
A: You have conflicting carcols id's. View this video to fix them: 


Thanks for downloading my first vehicle model. All credits are provided in the credits.txt file.

To start off with let's go over my terms of service.

-Redistribution of my assets, to any party that did not pay for said asset is forbidden. This means don't leak my stuff. (This is only for paid models 🙂 )

-There will be no Refunds for my assets. (Again, for paid models only.)

-You may not claim this livery or vehicle was made by you. Just give me credit where it's deserved. (Please view credits.txt for livery design idea/refrence)

-This asset is able to be used in FiveM, however it was not made for the sole purpose of FiveM. If this asset causes any issues with any other resources, we are not responsible. (FiveM compatible version available for this release.)

-I am not responsible for damage to any of your devices, such as servers, computers, or game slow downs.

-If you have a question, feel free to open a ticket in my discord server at https://discord.gg/uGAA7MsRH5.

Support will be provided for those that are in the discord. I will not provide support over the LSPDFR, Github, or CFX.re platforms.

Again, thanks for downloading my content. Join the discord to see future projects.

--Livery Change Instructions--
--FiveM & LSPDFR--
1) Locate the Texture Dicitonary (YTD) file of the vehicle that you want this livery to be on. This is commonly found under the stream folder.
2) Open OpenIV and navigate to the folder where your YTD file is located. 
    2B) Don't have OpenIV, go here: https://openiv.com/
3) Turn edit mode on.
4) Open the YTD file and in the search bar type sign to locate the livery you want to replace.
5) Press the replace button and locate the PNG file that was sent to you with this package.
6) Select the PNG.
    6B) If you are putting on an unmarked livery you will need to set the name at the beginning of the file to what other livery's are like (EX: mustang_sign_2, this would be the second livery on the vehicle, just
    make sure it looks like the first livery then, add 1 to the previous livery number. It's pretty simple.)
7) In OpenIV, press save.
😎 Transfer the YTD file onto your server in replace of the one provided with the vehicle.
9) Restart your server or restart the resource.
10) Check to make sure the livery has been placed on the vehicle.

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If this is for FiveM then it should say that in the download section instead of having to come to the file page itself and look at what the contents include.

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