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FivePD v2.0: A message from GTAPoliceMods Development Studios ×

Hillsborough, NC Police Department Pack 1.0.0

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32 Screenshots

My Discord: https://discord.gg/R9HSUDuZg5 

13 Unique Vehicles based on Hillsborough, NC 


Special Features:

Reflective Livery

Accurate Hybrid ELS - Non-ELS Lighting

Stage Lighting (most vehicles)

Accurate Interiors

Working Dials

Custom Handling Lines

Accurate Unit Numbers and Bump-Mapped License Plates

Rotating Spotlights

Functioning Takedown and Alley Lights


Model List: 

HPD16- 2014 Tahoe Slicktop (Traffic Unit)
HPD17- 2014 Tahoe Slicktop w/ retrofitted hood decals (Supervisor/FTO Unit)
HPD18- 2014 Tahoe Slicktop w/ intentional damage to passenger front fender (Supervisor)
HPD30- 2013 FPIU w/ older decal package (Traffic Unit)
HPD31- 2013 FPIU w/ newer decal package (Traffic  Unit)
HPD38- 2016 FPIU w/ older hood decal package, white fin antenna, K9 antenna setup (K9 Unit)
HPD45- 2016 FPIU w/ older hood decal package, white fin antenna (Patrol Unit)
HPD46- 2016 FPIU w/ older hood decal package, white fin antenna (Patrol Unit)
HPD58- 2016 FPIU w/ newer hood decal package, black fin antenna (Patrol Unit)
HPD61- 2016 FPIU w/ newer hood decal package, black fin antenna (Patrol Unit)
HPD62- 2016 FPIU w/ newer hood decal package, black fin antenna (Patrol Unit)
HPD63- 2016 FPIU w/ MADD decal package, black fin antenna (Traffic  Unit)
HPD63- Impala (unmarked) w/ minimal lighting and interior (Lieutenant's Car)

To install: 

1. go to your GTA directory, and drag and drop the file called HPD into 


Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks


use file explorer for step 1, NOT OPEN IV


2. using openIV add




above     </Paths>


in the dlclist.xml located at G:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\A\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data


3. also make sure you install the ELS xmls, and this or it won't work properly!









Base Models:

14 Tahoe: Underwood
16 FPIU: Kane104
15 FPIU: Joshua Tanner
Impala: Underwood

XLPs, Ions, Liberty II, Mirror Beams, Outer Edges: CEO
Liberty I: Kane104
Dominator: Joshua Tanner
linsV2: CJ24


Cj24, Billy J, CEO, KRUL, Dan, Jakub

Don't Steal, it's against The Bible - Exodus 20:2–17

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