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[N-ELS/DLS] [FiveM] Unmarked 2018 Charger 1.0.0

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Edited by DarkScorpionUS

2018 Dodge Charger PPV - Peralta

- Original vehicle model is 2015 Dodge Charger from Forza, edited into the 2018 Dodge Charger Pursuit by Matt with parts from FH3 and Gamemodels

- Seats, center mirror, shifter and dash edits modeled and done by Kane104 - commissioned by Ranger Rick

- Major help from EVI for digital dial information and help to get the dials working and his patience to help me

- Rear bumper diffuser modeled by Patrol 31 Normal edits by Steinberg

- AWD/Charger badge modeled by iansonwheels Converted to V by Matt

- AWD Steelies/Hubcap modeled by iansonwheels Converted to V by Matt

- Big thanks to Cj24 for beta testing the model and help with spec maps and normal maps and his overall knowledge of gta materials

- Interior dial textures made by NeonLazer

- Interior button textures made by Slendis

- Rims from Gamemodels.ru Centercap edited by Matt

- Dome Light modeled by Matt

- A big thanks to Cj24, Kane104, EVI, Patrol 31, Steinberg , Desmond , NeOnLaZeR, Izick, Rekram, HDgamerzPC, and a big thanks to Ranger Rick who bought 3D parts so that i wouldn't give up on this project and bought me a Zmodeler license so that i can keep working on this project Thank you Rick.

- Another big thanks to iansonwheels who had the time to make the AWD steelies and AWD package stuff....

- Thank you to everyone who supported me and the project...

Whelen FST - krul

- Whelen Inner Edge FST made by krul

Whelen RST - krul

- Whelen Inner Edge RST made by krul

Whelen Ion - CEO

- Whelen ION modelled and textured by CEO

Dodge Mopar Rims - Tyler.

- Fartknockr - Original Rim 

- RobertTM - Tire

- Steelie - Matthew Peralta

- Assembeled and configured by Tyler.

Spotlight - Cj24

- Unity PAR46 spotlight modeled and textured by Cj24

Motorola Antenna - Cj24

- Motorola antennas modeled and textured by Cj24

Airlink Anetnna - Billy Johnsson

- Modeled and Textured by Billy Johnsson

Polycarbonate Window Protectors - Maryland Modifications

- 3D Modeled and textured by Maryland Modifications

Pro-gard Partition - Billy Johnsson

- Modeled and Textured by Billy Johnsson

Havis Console - Cj24

- Console modeled and textured by Cj24

Havis Monitor and Keyboard - KLE0

- Havis tablet and keyboard modeled and textured by KLE0

Whelen Siren Controller - qica

- Whelen CCSRN36 modeled by Qica, textured and converted by MiikeMQ

Magnetic Mic - OfficerFive0

- Magnetic Mic scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0

- converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0

- Texture by Five0/OfficerFive0

Harris Radios - Jakub

- M7100 & M7100 IP Textured & Modelled by Jakub

Misc Props - Rockstar Games

Road Cones - Michaelreedtomy

- Modeled and Textured by Michaelreedtomy

Medical Bag - candice

- Texture by candice

Fire Extinguisher - breakehh_

- Modeled by Vartanyan (Turbosquid)

- Converted by breakehh_


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