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[NON-ELS] R&B - 2020 Ford Fusion - Pach 1.0.0

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10 Screenshots

2020 Ford Fusion - L.S.P.D. | Made by: Pach





Rotatable Spot-Lights

360° Environmental Lighting

Slide-Out Drawer

  - Compatible with a /trunk script

High Quality Assets

Detailed Interior

Custom Light Pattern



If you need any help, contact me on Discord: pach#2021

Join my Discord! https://discord.gg/kD42AxY8NQ

Edited by pach1k

2020 Ford Fusion - L.S.P.D. | Made by: Pach


Vehicle Model - 

ZZ Studios
Dan with da Van
BJ Modifications
Ghost Development Studios


Livery -
TrooperMaple's Assorted LEO Logos

2020 Ford Fusion - L.S.P.D. | Made by: Pach


Q: Will you edit this file?

A: Maybe.


Q: Will you make it into an ELS version?

A: No.


Q: Can you help me install this?

A: Google is your best friend.


Q: Is this templated?

A: Yes.


Q: Will you post more vehicles in the future?

A: Yes.


2020 Ford Fusion - L.S.P.D. | Made by: Pach


Terms of Service

➤ Reselling and'or redistributing my models is prohibited.

➤ All of my models come in a locked state, attempting to break/unlock my models will result in disciplinary actions taken towards you & your subordinates.

➤ Claiming ownership of my models is forbidden.

➤ Charge backs and'or refunds are forbidden, attempting to charge back will result in a ban from my Discord, and a ban from purchasing any of my models.

➤ You may use these vehicles for roleplay servers.

   - You agree that if the client leaves the said FiveM roleplay server, you are too remove the model from your game files.

   - If you are the owner of the server, and someone with FTP access leaks the model, you are liable for disciplinary actions.

➤ You agree that once you purchase a vehicle, or download one of my free ones, I am not liable for any server lag, destruction, etc.
   - You may ask for support, you most likely installed the vehicle wrong.

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