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San Andreas State Police MEGA PACK 1.0.0

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This file is def worth downloading. This took a while to make so go ahead and try it. My discord is now open and is https://discord.gg/rQzrBTb2dA

Paul Modifications
Maryland Modifications

► The reselling or Redistributing of any vehicle provided or made by BUCK's Modifications is forbidden for any vehicle or livery. if this term is violated, you will removed from BUCK's Modifications and partners with BUCK's Modifications will also be notified.

► Unlocking or Ripping models is strictly forbidden. If you are caught you will removed from BUCK's Modifications and our partners will be notified. You will no longer have the ability to obtain any work created by BUCK's Modifications.

► All work from BUCK's Modifications are sold locked unless agreed upon otherwise. Any questions can be directed towards administration.

► Claiming ownership to any of BUCK's Modifications work is forbidden.

► Models can be used for personal use, models cannot be shared. If you shall choose you can let use know where they will be used and we will document appropriately.

► Any sale made is final unless agreed upon otherwise by administration. Please do not charge back as we put a lot of time into our work. The funds from the discord are used to create more mods for the community, we respect our customers, we kindly ask for your respect in return.

► Editing any of BUCK's Modifications team work liveries or cars is not aloud and will result in a ban

BUCK's team


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9 hours ago, Ethan Skin Designs said:

Might want to put who’s bases there for


It is in the credits

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11 hours ago, Bojack said:

Dial 911 on the front fender is a bit odd 😬

I thought it’d look cool

Edited by BUCK12
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46 minutes ago, BUCK12 said:

It is in the credits

He means the vehicles bases in which the vehicles fit. Some devs use the same and others use different. For Example if one of them used Raz3ers Tahoe base you'd put Raz3er, not the dev who made the car. It helps consumers see if these skins will work for them.

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