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[NON-ELS] SCSO Based Mini Pack - FiveM Ready 1.0

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This past spring, I decided to recreate my Hometowns vehicles starting with Sheriff. Sadly due to a lack of time, I wasn't able to finish everything. Therefore I've decided to release what I had finished and plan to add more to this pack as time goes on. I tried to replicate (probs 80% accurate) every single detail to match IRL spec. With that being said, there isn't alot of extras present nor lighting as I made these to replicate what they use IRL. Enjoy!


Since this is a California Department, Steady burns are present.





Extra 1 - Lightbar Steady Burn
Extra 2 - Spotlight
Extra 3 - Folded Spotlight


(On K-9 Vehicles)
Extra 4 - K9 Window Fan Driver Side
Extra 5 - K9 Laying Down
Extra 6 - K9 Leaning Against Window




With this initial release, 4 vehicles are included.

3 2016 Ford Explorers and 1 2018 Ford Taurus


- Included 3 Versions of the Ford Explorer, Patrol | K-9 & Unmarked as set irl

- Included 2018 Ford Taurus



I plan to add more to this small pack as time goes on, due to lack of time, I will only be releasing these
as they are ready to go. When spare time is available, more vehicles will be added. (July 6th, 2021)

Vehicle Bases:
- 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility by Kane104 (Version 2.0)
- Original 2010 Ford Taurus from FM4, revamped, remodeled, and turned into a 2018 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor by GeorgieMoon.
Purchased by [Ferious]

Lighting & Misc Equipment By:
Billy J
Dan W The Van

Liveries By:
HR Designs

*As More Vehicles are added to this download, credits will be edited too


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is this a non LES? im noob ill admit ahhah. been working on a server and still new to the terms. thanks for non gudging. ahha ur the best.


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