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[Non-ELS] Whelen Legacy Mini-Pack [3 Vehicles][FiveM-Ready] 1.0.2

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Welcome to my first release! I decided to create this small package for you guys and gals to hopefully kickstart my development career. This package includes 3 police cars; 2016 FPIU, 2018 Tahoe PPV, and a 2018 Charger Pursuit RWD. These vehicles include 360 degree environmental lighting, high quality parts and base models, tastefully done lighting with detailed coronas, as well as good vehicle sounds and handling lines. They are also California-styled with forward facing steady burn lighting in the lightbar, and a traffic advisor in the rear of the lightbar. Extras are as shown below.

extra 1 = Left Spotlight (Up)
extra 2 = Right Spotlight (Up)
extra 3 = Left Spotlight (Down)
extra 4 = Right Spotlight (Down)
extra 5 = Roof Antenna

extra 6 = Small Roof/Trunk Antenna


Tahoe Only:

extra 10 = Mudflaps

extra 11 = Bug Guard
extra 12 = Front License Plate



If ya'll like this I might make a few more matching vehicles in the future! And if you really like it, and would like to drop a donation to buy me coffee, you can do so at https://paypal.me/dannymanny22

Edited by DannyManny

What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


  • Purple Textures fixed
  • 16 FPIU Trunk Fixed (was doubled)


Tahoe Base by GeorgieMoon, Explorer by Kane104, and Charger by Matt Peralta
Legacy Lightbar by Five0

ION and Microns by CE0

Pushbars by Matt and Tactical Potato

Outer Edges by Tyler Designs

Mirror Beams by CE0 and Billy Johnson

Antennas by Billy Johnson

Spotlights by Cj24

SA315 Speaker by Krul

Charger ION Plate Bracket by Jakub
Generic ION Plate Bracket by OneSpeaks

Interior Parts by Twurtlee, Dan with the Van!, eknjack, Jakub


Custom/Privately Made

If I missed anything please let me know!

Q: Why are the vehicles kind of gray?

A: They do not spawn with a true black color, so you need to change the primary color to black for it to look like the pictures.

Q: Why are some of the black parts kind of purple?
A: That has to do with the textures. I haven't touched them, but you can use something like paint.net to fix any color issues.


Q: Why is the Chevy Logo on the Tahoe green?
A: The color of the bowtie is customizable by changing the secondary color. I recommend using black or gold.

Please do not rip/crack models, or release anywhere else.

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You got purple speaker on your cars  : fix it in your YTD by reimporting the 315P diffuse in Open IV and select compression in A8R8G8B8; same for your FPIU mirror covers
It would look really nice if you correct those details ! Keep it up!

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Hey there, are you alright with me using this pack and putting my own liveries on it and then posting it on my discord?



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