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Trespassing Suspect is possible armed Callout 1.0.0

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A new Trespassing Callout that a suspect may be armed 


            What is in the file 

  1.  TOS 
  2. Trespassing Suspect is possible armed Callout.Net.dll 

Because of my first callout i did here his another one


Whant to Join my discord for new things and realises then come and Join today 


Mikes  Development LLC Terms of Use 


Last updated: 03/07/2021 


Agreeing to the Terms of Use Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing any products produced and sold by Mikes. 


By purchasing and also free releases of any goods you are automatically agreeing to be bound by these terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you will not be permitted to purchase any products. Failure to comply with these terms will revoke your rights to use any products purchased Methods of Payment The only payments permitted are the following: -




Process The process of paying for any products sold by Mike is to be followed at all times. Payment is to be completed via discord ticket. Once payment is processed l will send you  directly after with a downloadable link 


Single Vehicle Purchasing If you wish to purchase a single vehicle from a pack sold the following steps will occur: 


Either create a ticket in the Mikes Development LLC discord or DM Mike. From there an invoice will be sent to a provided email. Once payment is received the appropriate files will be provided to download. Refunds Almost all refund requests will be denied. Requesting a refund for reasons ``My files don't work” or “it won’t load” is not a reason for a refund. It is your responsibility to know how to assemble files after purchase


 (View “Intended Use of Goods Sold” for more information on this). 


There is a support team for a reason and they will be happy to help you through any issues. If you still wish to request a refund, the request must go directly through Mike and if approved will be issued within 1 week.


Terms of Use for Purchased Products When purchasing any product from Mikes Development LLC you are only purchasing the permission to use them for the proper designated and allowed uses set forth by these terms. 


It is not a transfer of ownership of the rights of the models. Prohibited Use of Assets Under these terms of use you may not: 


● Redistribute any products purchased 

● Resell any products purchased 

● Rip or claim a 3D model or other assets as your own 

● Transfer the rights of any asset to another party without express permission Intended Use 


● Mike has the right to take down any Leeks files that he has owned that has been uploaded someplace else 


of Goods Sold All assets sold by Mikes Development LLC are able to be used in any application/programs that are compatible with the given file types. All products are provided as followed:

 No products will be provided in a certain present configuration as there is no single intended purpose for said products. It is the buyer's responsibility to understand and assemble any further needed configurations for files to work with a certain program. Mikes Development LLC is not responsible for any damages that occur to your game, server or computer Contact Us If you have any questions about these terms, please contact us through discord here https://discord.gg/mvzDF5VyFt


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