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[FiveM Ready]LSPD EUP Pack | v1.0 | BlueDesigns 1.0.0

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Hello and thanks for checking out my first release this is my first EUP pack that I have released I am fairly well experienced in it so if you like and install the pack please leave comments on what you like / didn't like and what suggestions you would have for my next version / release.

As well as that please feel free to join my DISCORD: https://discord.gg/jZPaQzS

In this pack there:
- Long Sleeve Shirts (Recruit, Regular and command variants)
- Short Sleeve Shirts (Recruit, Regular and command variants)
- Long Sleeve Shirts w/tie (Recruit, Regular and command variants)
- T-Shirts
- Long Sleeve T-Shirts
- Hoodie
- Hi-Vis Vest
- Winter Jacket
- Body Armour (currently 2 variants)
- Trousers/Pants (smart and cargo pants with rank variants)
- Baseball Caps (forward and backwards with 4 variants LSPD, POLICE, LOGO, K-9 and Traffic Enforcement)
- Traffic Enforcement Division Set (Including Motorbike Unit)
- Bicycle Helmet

In future versions I will be releasing more subdivisions such as:
- Port Authority Set
- Special Weapons and Tactics Set
- Drug Prevention Unit Set
- Canine Unit Set
- Riot Protection Set
- Ceremonial Jacket / Hat
- Fleece
- More Vests
- Female Update with the same stuff

I hope you are all looking forward to it and you can find more info and early sneak peeks at my works over on my Discord so please feel free to stop by and have a chat if you have any questions or queries.



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So there are 3 things that I'd like to note for you. The first is that you did an excellent job and that I'm loving the pack, the second one is that some installation instructions for SP would be nice (took me a while to find where everything goes, and the third is that the textures for the vests are inverted from how you have it. The second texture is the one that works with vest 4 setup 2 and the first one is the one that works with vest 13 setup 3. Just a few QoL things I wanted to point out, but regardless you did a very good job on the EUP and I'm enjoying it greatly

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