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Non-ELS Sandy Shores Mini Police Department Pack 1.0.1

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Here is a Sandy Shores Mini police pack. This pack includes following vehicles. I may add more vehicles to this pack in the future, but this is what ive been working on! Each car is special to each detail it holds.


  • 2016 FPIU | 16fpiu
  • 2016 FPIU Unmarked | 16fpiuum
  • 2020 FPIU | 20fpiu
  • 2020 FPIU Unmarked | 20fpiuum
  • 2011 CVPI | cvpi

All vehicles have environmental lighting!


You can join my discord for more: https://discord.gg/fkG9y7j3pH

Edited by Yohncisu

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Textures are now made by Yohnicus. Templates are included, made for you to create the livery for your car.

Vehicle Models:

2016 FPIU TheHurks

2020 FPIU BlueGhost

2011 CVPI 0taku


Lighting Equipment:
Whelen Ions | In CEO's Rambar
Rear Bar | Whelen Dominator OfficerFive0
LibertyI Lightbar -> Kane
Federal Signal Spectralux ILS - CJ24

Spotlight Georgiemoon
Opticom Emitter -> Veteran Mods


Push Bar

Rambar: PB400 + Options by CEO


Interior Equipment:
Kanes Console
Siren Controller Quica
APX6500 - DanWithDaVan
Printer - Unknown
Havis Sidemount - Prod
Toughbook - CJ24
Stalker Dual DSR - Jakub
Partition Pack - Twurtleee
Trunk Cabinet - Panos
Gun Rack - Frost88

FPIS Center Console -> Sirvilmos
Light Controller -> YesAviation
Siren Controller -> Walters
Kustoms Signals Radar -> Jakub
Rambar -> Walters



Texture created from: jjthegoat
Thanks to Nozysunrise for helping me with the textures as well as helping me fix a few errors i had within zModeler.

Thanks to my Discord Manager Tony P. for moral support as I worked hard on this.

Windows Dirt Texture: If you spawn the car and the cars windows are black, wash the car. 


Do not claim vehicle as your own.

Do not re-upload to any other site.

You are not permitted to sell these cars to anyone for a profit.

All models are locked.

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