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US Airforce Security Forces inspired FPIS Livery 1.0.0

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Hey all, this is my first public release of my work. Made this skin after a friend of mine suggested it and did it to pass the time, hope you all like it.

If you have any issues please let me know, but this is in the DDS format, meaning if you install it correctly it shouldn't look all weird, broken or distorted. Also the skin in the pictures is 4k, so if you've got a potato PC you'll have to use the 2k version or it may cause texture loss. (I've included two versions, a 4k and 2k version, use common sense with this)

Livery is inspired by this design:


Edited by The Yacubness

What's New in Version 1.0.0


Repackaged it into a Zip file with a Read me file.

Livery by me, you can find me here in my little discord. ---> https://discord.gg/9czHeFpHKB
Car is a buddies, you can find him here. He's great, go join his discord! ---> https://discord.gg/xfDmyjra85

"Can you teach me to make liveries?"
- No, I'm not the greatest myself and I don't want to spend my free time teaching others, sorry.

"Can you make ___?" 
- I mean if it's easy sure, but I only do this for fun, not for profit or for communities, been there, done that.

"Can you help me install the skin?"
- You have to import the file in OpenIV, delete the old "livery" and set the mitmap levels to 1 in properties. If you don't know how to do that look it up on Youtube or ask a friend.

"How do you downsize the file size?"
- Uh, download the FPIS2k skin, as it's less detailed, but better for lower end PC performance with potential texture loss as it's half the size.

I don't mind it being used in Gta V, LSPDFR or FiveM, I just ask that you please credit me if you plan on using it in media or for personal gain.
Also just use common sense and don't alter or claim as your own, thanks!


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