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2014 Dodge Charger w/ Federal Signal Light Setup 1.0.0

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Join my Discord for the other 3 Models in this Pack that are coming soon! https://discord.gg/vjKf7ra5en


Hello all! I am back with the continuation of the Valor 18 Charger! This time the 2014 Dodge Charger, next up in the line is the 2016 FPIU, 2020 Tahoe, and the 10 CVPI! I have finally made up my mind with the roadmap of the Valor Cars, I will release them all singularly and then after all of them are released I'll make a pack release of them all.


Anyways, this model is slam full of all the features that the other model had, Toggleable Left/Right Amber TA, Takedown lighting, Realistic Lighting Setup, no xyz dev Wee-woo's all over the car. 



Extra List/Setup


Extra 1: Front Lightbar (Normal Red/Blue Colors)

Extra 2: Back Lightbar (Normal Red/Blue Colors)

Extra 3: Left Traffic Advisory (Amber Light Setup, Do not use with Extra 2)

Extra 4: Right Traffic Advisory (Amber Light Setup, Do not use with Extra 2)

Extra 5: Front Floodlights (All White Lighting, Do not use with Extra 1)

Extra 6: Pushbar

Extra 7: Partition



If you find any bugs feel free to DM me @JacksonTheDev#6969

2014 Dodge Charger Base: KLE0
Federal Signal Valor: Kane104
Federal Signal CN Signalmaster: CJ24
Federal Signal Micropulse: CJ24
Westin Dodge Charger Pushbar: Jophics
Havis Dodge Charger Console: CJ24
Dodge Charger ProGuard Partition: Billy J.
Motorolla APX 6500: Dan W/ The Van
Federal Signal Smart Siren Controller: Dan W/ The Van



- TOS is Agreed to upon downloading any of my Models


- This model is produced in the form you see currently.


- I am not responsible for any Injury Caused by this model (Ex: Seizure) 


- Anyone who is/has been banned/punished in JacksonTheDev Modifications is not entitled to a refund.


- I am not responsible for any damage to ones Server, PC, or Server files, I cannot help you if you break the model or your server in the process of adding this model.


- Any attempt to Rip, Redistribute, Claim ownership of this model, or otherwise negatively effect the release in question is not allowed.


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