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Ghosted BCSO Livery Pack 1.0.0

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20 Screenshots

Ghosted BCSO Livery Pack | Made by: LSPDFR Pics

Installation Path:
 Replace the.ytd files with the ones provided in this download, regardless if you did addon or replace.
  nForce Pack: Redneck
  Liveries: LSPDFR Pics


DO NOT distribute this content without my permission! This includes liveries and the screenshots. 

DO NOT use the liveries in a clan or group without my explicit permission. THIS APPLIES TO FIVEM TOO.. Just ask me.
Please do not upload this file or a part of it to any other website without permission from me.
I accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your PC, game, or anything else. 
DO NOT rip, dismantle or change the livery in any way.

Join my Social Networks:
Discord - https://discord.gg/kvn44k8V29
Twitter - @LSPDFR_Pics
YouTube - LSPDFR_Pics

Vehicles Pictured: Redneck

Liveries: LSPDFR Pics

1) Don't alter, edit or redistribute any of my work. Screenshot usage & distribution requires prior permission. Files will only be sent when 100% completed, not file by file.

2) While my work is designed for online applications like GTA5, I will not be held liable for any rule violations that customers may encounter. I do not market my work for specific platforms and will not be liable for users who use my work in unauthorized platforms.

3) All products you order, whether pre-made or custom, are not allowed to be edited or altered by any person, even for personal use. If you violate this rule, your work will no longer be considered private and will be listed/released without warning.

4) All my work available for purchase will be listed in my discord server. No other platforms or serves will be utilized for sale of my work. If this specific rule is violated, you will be banned from all of my services and your info will be posted for other developers to be made aware of. Users found in leaking servers will automatically be denied, regardless or reasoning you may have.

5) I do not take any responsibility for any game breakages or any other issues that might have been caused by the installation of vehicles or textures. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR STUFF BEFORE INSTALLING.

6) All sales are final. No refunds will be issued unless approval is given by LSPDFR Pics. PayPal will be the only authorized method of payment. Any attempted chargebacks will be disputed, and you will be black listed from any future work. Your private work will also be released publicly if this occurs.

7) I hold the right to use any of my work freely at any time. I will honor the privacy of private orders to most extents, but still hold full permissions to release/sell/alter them without permission from the specific customer.

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This content has been promoted on our Twitter account. We promote content that is good quality and/or shows community interest. Keep up the great work!

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