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[DEV] 2020 Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan 1.0.0

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3 Screenshots

Vertex count: 198k

7mb/9mb high/low YFT, respectively

Works best with POLICE3 handling

LOD'd to L2 (L2 is just a hollow bodyshell, chassis and blacked out windows/glass, around 40k, give or take)

49 materials



Assigned Light IDs

Interior buttons and sidemarkers illuminate with the headlights

Hands on/near steering wheel

Breakable glass

Templated license plate frame with template in Textures folder (DDS format)

Functional dummies (Plate light, dash glow, exhausts, overheat, etc.)

Paint3 material with [PAINT:1] tag to allow liveries and changeable body colors via trainer or LS Customs

Templated and dirt mapped


Note: If you make an add-on with this vehicle, set your camera height to 0.600

Edited by BlueGhost

2019 Ford Fusion Titanium by HKV Studios
Purchased & Converted to GTA V by BlueGhost
Edited to Police Responder Hybrid Sedan, templated, dirt mapped by BlueGhost

CVPI centercap by Underwood
Textures by Rockstar Games, Five0, Desmond, Robert, Underwood, HKV Studios, BlueGhost

By downloading and using the models provided to you, you agree to the following stipulations and terms;


Any modifications made to base models from all tiers must be LOCKED if they are uploaded in any projects you publish! For example, police, fire, or EMS vehicles.



- You may NOT distribute any content from any tier with ANYONE that is not a patron.

- You may NOT sell any content in it's original state which you acquired it from, meaning that you are NOT permitted to sell any unlocked base models.

- Base model edits are NOT allowed to be sold. Only freely distributed. In this case, do NOT claim sole credit. That's a shitty thing to do.



- Usage in private sales and public uploads in a LOCKED FORMAT is ALLOWED.

- Usage in private sales does NOT require a license or equity. You may sell to your hearts content. Just make sure that I am credited.

- Uploading liveries is allowed, however, you may only upload the texture itself in that case. For any questions, concerns or clarification, please message me directly.

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