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[ELS Compatible/Non-ELS] Paleto Bay Police Small Town Pack 1.0

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Paleto Bay Police Small Town Pack

        This will be my first public vehicle pack! The overall vehicle designs are not based on anything and are fictional. The vehicles in this pack have a small town Ohio set up with majority blue lighting and some sort of red lights flashing forward and backward. The set ups are intended to be a small town that has finally gotten more modern equipment with the addition of an Old CVPI that has seen it's fair share of action. Hope you download and enjoy!



  • CVPI 2011
  • CVPI 2003 era
  • FPIU 2013-15





Do not Redistribute, Take Credit For, Attempt to Sell, or Rip anything provided in this Download!

Special Thanks For Helping Me Out and Encouraging Me to Learn Vehicle Development

@Jakub@Rogue Thunderand @Bozza


Edited by Pacific Pig

If I forgot someone please let me know and I will add them ASAP.

These are my good friends and I wouldn't know half of what I now do about Vehicle Models
without their help!
Help and Suport - Jakub, Rogue Thunder, and Bozza

2010 Ford CVPI by Turn 10 Studios, Converted to V by OfficerUnderwood
Edited into 98-11 by OfficerUnderwood
(Fill in rest from below)
(All Turn 10 stuff are not included as covered by first credit)
Steering Wheels
98-04 Steering wheel by Ubisoft
98-05 Guages by Ubisoft
AM/FM/CD by OfficerUnderwood
AM/FM/TAPE by Ubisoft
98-02 Headrests and textures by Lundy
98-02 Front door panels by Ubisoft, Rear by Schaefft
98-02 Light panel by Ubisoft
Chrome and Matte Black grille by Ubisoft
98-08 Trim by OfficerUnderwood, SAP by Schaefft
98-02 Steelies by (Fuck if I know but thanks, Lundy didn't include shit of credits on his 98 just names)
03 Steelies by Carper
06-11 Steelies by Carper
98-02 Hubs by OfficerUnderwood
03-05 Hubs by (Fuck if I know), modified by OfficerUnderwood
06-11 Hubs by Carper
Headlights and Undercarrage by Otaku
Edits by Jakub and Walters

2015 Ford Explorer
- Base Model Provided by VooDoo of GTA 5 Mod Center
- Center Dash, Steering Wheel, Wheel and Tire, Gauge Cluster Provided by OfficerUnderwood
- Seats, Dash, Door Panels Provided by The Hurk
- Molded Together by SoCal Thero
- Template UV Mapped by SoCal Thero
- Edits by Rogue Thunder

Federal Signal Valor - Bullzeye


Whelen Edge 9000 - Solo
Edits by Rogue Thunder


FS MicroPulse modeled and textured by Cj24.


Whelen LIN6 modeled and textured by Cj24.


whelen linv2/linsv2  scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
textures by Five0/OfficerFive0
emis textures by CJ24
converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0


Code 3 TRex made by krul
Emis textures by Five0

──────────Outer Equipment──────────
Go Rhino Pack
- Modeled by Billy J
- Textures by Billy J


Setina PB100 by 911 Response


Whelen SA314 Speaker - Modeled, Textured, and UV Mapped by Sirvilmos


Whelen SA315P speaker made by krul


Unity 335 Series With Soundoff Signal
-Spotlight Created By Turn10Studios; Converted And Edited By Shmurda
- Soundoff PAR46 LED Insert Created By Shmurda
- Spotlight Mounting Bracket From GameModels.RU
- Textures By Shmurda


Unity spotlight modeled and textured by GeorgieMoon.


Low Profile Antenna Pack
- Modeled by Billy J
- Textures by Billy J


Fictional WIWANG Antenna Pack
-Antennas modeled and textured by steinberg4145


Whelen 500 Series Mirror Beam - CVPI
-Modeled and Textured by Jophics
-Plastic normal map by Turn 10 Studios, Playground Games

──────────Interior Equipment──────────
Havis Consoles
Centre Console Models - Jakub
Textures - Jakub & Walters


Console by Twurtleee
Laptop Stand by Twurtleee


Toughbook CF-31 modeled and textured by Cj24


Motorola MW810 modeled and textured by Cj24


Cencom Modelled & Textured by Jakub


Whelen 295SLSA6 Siren & Light Controller scratch modeled, textured, and converted to GTA V by HDgamerzPC


Motorola APX 6500 Modeled, Textured and UV mapped by Dan with da van


Harris 7100 Modelled & Textured By Jakub


Panasonic Arbitrator dashcam modeled and textured by Cj24


Setina Partition/Gun Rack - CEO
-Mesh edit by Pacific Pig


Remington 870
- Modeled by Billy J
- Textures by Billy J


M4 Rifle by Walters


Ticketbook Created and textured by Rogue_Thunder


D&R Window Bar Pack
- Models by tomcat8492.
- Converted to GTA 5 by Maryland Modifications


Ballcap - Rockstar Games


Logo Keychain - Pacific Pig

──────────Trunk Equipment──────────
Road Cone Model By Rockstar Games
-Converted By 72will


Fed Sig Spike Strip - RyanB


American Vehicle Locker - ThatAlien's


Box, Container, Flares, Dufflebag, and Medkit by Rockstar Games
Edits by Pacific Pig

Pacific Pig

Does this work with ELS?
Yes, I have provided ELS XML's to allow the lighting and Siren to be controlled via ELS. You will however only have one stage of lighting and nothing else in terms of ELS lighting controls.

Do not Redistribute, Take Credit For, Attempt to Sell, or Rip anything provided in this Download

Please contact me first if you'd like to use this on FiveM

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