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FPIU PB-400 Pack 2.0.0

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Fitted to Kane104's FPIU, but can fit Underwood's FPIU with some scaling

IONs not included


Pack Includes:


PB-450 with ION cutouts (CEO)


PB-5 with ION cutouts (CEO)


PB-6 with ION cutouts (CEO)


PB-8 with ION cutouts (CEO)
Wire Shrouds



Poly Counts:
All counts are without the ion cutouts


Wire Shrouds - 53


L0 - 5280
L1 - 1234
L2 - 680
L3 - 544
L4 - Same as L3


L0 - 6508
L1 - 1672
L2 - 828
L3 - 636
L4 - Same as L3


L0 - 8152
L1 - 2130
L2 - 1060
L3 - 876
L4 - Same as L3


L0 - 9406
L1 - 2098
L2 - 1104
L3 - 768
L4 - Same as L3

Edited by Sniper67

What's New in Version 2.0.0


Remodeled PB-6

Remodeled Wire Shrouds

Added Screws For Rubber

FPIU PB-400 and Wrap-arounds modeled by Sniper67
Textures by Terry Sloman edited by Sniper67

There are no resell restrictions.

Make sure to credit: FPIU PB-400 and Wrap-arounds modeled by Sniper67
Textures by Terry Sloman edited by Sniper67

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