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Los Santos PD Explorer (Inspired by NEUPD) 1.0.0

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Hey guys! I just started getting back into skinning to release skins to the public. The first one I am going to be uploading is a 2020 explorer skin that is inspired by Northeastern University.

The skin is for Gate's 2020 explorer. That  can be downloaded at the bottom of this post. Shoutout to Gate for creating such a good model. The lighting pattern on this car is insanely beautiful.

Feedback is appreciated. I plan on making more MA based skins, let me know if you have any reccomendations.

My discord is Slimbert#5050



Thanks to Gate for creating such a sick model. Download it here: 


Q: How can you get in contact with me? 
A: Message me on discord! Slimbert#5050

Q: Where am I from?
A: Massachusetts!

Q: When did I start playing modded GTA?
A: Wayyyy back in the early stages of LCPDFR! 


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