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[N-ELS][FiveM Ready] 1990 Ford Foxbody Mustang [R/B] 1.0.0

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Howdy! Heres a Retro Styled Ford Foxbody!

The front lighting is based on KSP, when they operted SSPs. 

Made cause I found the base.

If the Lights are too bright for you, edit the Intensity/Size/Pull in the carcols. LOwering them fixes them.

Feel free to convert to B/B, A/P. Just please don't reupload it and claim it as yours. The car does not have a Template. But if enough ask, I'll probably make one

Join my Discord!: https://discord.gg/wTuE3p3



    -Console by Twurtleee
    -Laptop Stand by Twurtleee


 Campaign Hat:
    -Templated campaign hat by Five0/OfficerFive0
    -Model by Rockstar Games


    -Lights by Lundy

    -Scratch modeled by Mosco Jenkins
    -Transformed into a Jank TA by Chris P. "bevarnow"

And Vint Cerf & Bob Kahn

Q.) Why aren't my Lights bright like yours?
A.) I have a Graphics Pack

Q.) How do I install this into my Singleplayer?
A.) I dont know.

Q.) My god, these lights are bright!
A.) Mess with the Intensity, Size & Pull in the Carcols. Lowering the values will help you

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57 minutes ago, The Ice Cream Man said:

Why are the lights so damn bright??

"If the Lights are too bright for you, edit the Intensity/Size/Pull in the carcols. LOwering them fixes them."

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Why don't people just read the damn description instead of immediately downloading the file? I mean do we have to have it in HUGE BOLDED AND UNDERLINED WORDING?   I mean you get the idea, wtf? Why am i so small? Umm typer please change me back. Thank you. Lol.

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