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[Five-M] A Random Assortment of YMAPs 1.0.0

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Howdy! Heres just a little random pack of YMAP's I've made when I was bored. 

The Shipwreck YMAP's sadly don't have collisions,  so ou'll go right through them.

Anyhow, here are the location of them (In order of file name):
-am - Land Act Dam Resovir
-ard - East of Senora Rd/ (Between Postals 4001 & 4003)
-bodies - Northeast Area of the Wind Farm
-desertcars - S. Joshua Rd on the Entrance to Stab City
-shipwreck - East of El Burro Blvd. (No Nearest Postal/LODs kind Iffy)
-shipwreck2 - West of GOH (Postal 1104)
-table - Vespucci Blvd. x Palomino Ave (Postal 8141)

Join my Discord!: https://discord.gg/wTuE3p3

My Mind

Q.) Why you graphics look nice?

A.) Because they are. I use Terrov

Q.) hOw Do i InStALl InTo My SinGlE plaYEr
A.) Did you read the title? And no

Q.) Can I use this in my Server?
A.) It'd be my pleasure!

Don't be Dumb


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