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2017 Dodge Ram 1500 | Civilian | FiveM Ready 1.0

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"Welcome dear friends..." To my first official release of a Vehicle Model! Yup, I did it, I started Zmodeler work... I've put together a few parts I haven't seen in combination in any public releases so I decided to make one myself.
Sadly I am not any good with working Lights right this moment, so satisfy yourselves with knowing I'm working on it and this is the results so far, a working Civilian work truck. What purpose it has for you no clue! But serve it well this model shall.

-- Features List: --
!). Full Collisions for Model

!). Templated

!!). Please note that in order for the Canopy to be paintable please leave the texture White, as stated I am new to Zmodeler3 and did not overcome this challenge, updates in the future should fix this.

!). Paintable Wheels (Wheel color)


- Extra 1 | Canopy

- Extra 2 | Canopy Rack (Requires Extra1)

- Extra 3 | Steel Pushbar

- Extra 4 | Front Bumper (Disable when using Extra3)\

- Extra 5 | Side Steps

As always feel free to follow the progress on the LEO & FD variants, they'll probably be listed paid on the discord as I am spending quite the effort to put them together. 😛 Enjoy this lovely civilian model, I plan to update it with a DOT variant for everyone later on the road as well. discord.gg/XD9c2qhnwh

Edited by Beastking0
Features List Added

Parts List:

Ram 1500 - RogueThunder
Universal Canopy - RogueThunder
Canopy Rack - RogueThunder
Steel Pushbar - RogueThunder
Side Steps - MortyNL
Generic Winch - bevarnow
FedSig TS100 - Cj24
Templates - RogueThunder (Modified for HD releases)

Common Sense applies;


- Do not redistribute outside of GTAPOLICEMODS,

- Refrain from stealing credit or fraudulently claiming as own,
- Rip/Unlock/Convert this model as the parts are all public, it'd be stupid to do this.


You MAY;


- Use this in FiveM communities, (please do I made it for you to)

- Convert to Singleplayer DLC (If you join the discord and send me the converted DLC, I will likely add a second zip file and credit you for the conversion)
- Use in Vehicle Packs (Civilian/DOT), please give proper credits.

Having anything but fun is not allowed. 

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3 hours ago, Shinorei said:

Looks real good, could you throw a plate on it though?


I will try to update it, for now just adjust the template to add a plate ^-^

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