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Code3 Themed 2018 Dodge Charger [NON-ELS] 1.0.0

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Hello everyone, don't have much to say.

2018 Dodge Charger with a Code 3 themed lighting package. Decided to release it so more people see what I do.

Lighting setup is pretty simple, probably something similar that you could see on an IRL deparment, but it is 100% fictional and not based on anything.

Proper LODs, optimized model.


First release on GPM, have more releases planned for the future.


Thanks to ShoreTrooperThatJustWantsLunch for the screenshots.

A SKIN IS NOT INCLUDED. Skin used on the screenshots can be found here: 


I have other vehicles with the same Code3 setup for sale on my discord if anyone wants them. https://discord.gg/EWqCnGx



Edited by MiikeMQ

Code 3 Themed 2018 Dodge Charger by MiikeMods. https://discord.gg/EWqCnGx

2018 Dodge Charger Pursuit - Matthew Peralta.
Goodyear Eagle Enforcer - Textures by Robert
Westin Push Bumper Elite - Modeled and Textured by Jophics
Whelen PAR46 Spotlight - Modeled and Textured by Cj24.
Federal Signal Lightbar Mounted ALPRs - Modeled and Textured by Billy J.

Brother Printer - Modeled and Textured by Billy J.
ProGard Partition - Modeled and Textured by Billy J.
Magnetic Mic - Modeled and Textured by Five0.
Motorola APX 6500 Radio - Modeled and Textured by Dan with Da Van.
Harris 7100 Radio - Modeled and Textured By Jakub
Stalker Dual DSR Radar - Modeled and Textured by Jakub.
Havis Console -  Modeled & Textured by CJ24.
Toughbook CF-31 - Modeled and Textured by Cj24.
Panasonic Arbitrator Dashcam - Modeled and Textured by Cj24.
Code 3 RX2700 - Modeled and Textured by Cj24.
Code 3 Z3 Controller - Modeled and Textured by Cj24.
Code 3 MR6 - Modeled and Textured by Cj24.
Code 3 XT-Series and XT-Stik - Modeled and Textured by Krul.
Antennas Plus LTE Cell PCS GPS - Modeled by Five0
Motorola Antennas - Modeled and Textured by Cj24.

Vehicle Assembled by MiikeMQ.




Do not claim the models as yours.

Do not reupload the models to any site, or send the files to anyone, please link them the download.

Do not unlock the model in any way, shape or form.

Do not rip or modify the model in any way.

You may edit the textures for the lights.

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Bro this is awesome!  really really good work,


For the record, I have no issue if you want to include the skin in your download!


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Looks great! In R* editor you can turn of Depth of Field, turn it on in settings first though, that way your lightbar glass doesn't blur.

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