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Rick's Questions for FivePD (In Progress) 0.9.0

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This is my first file on GPM. I decided to go through the process and make a custom questions list for FivePD on the server I have. This is still an in progress project with another 9 categories planned. I also plan to have more questions and statements in a future release of this. Part of the concept behind this is having questions/statements set that allows for people to play the role of different agencies and spur on investigation or such from there. Under CVE for example, I have it set to where you may get a manifest that doesn't match up, which can lead you to taking further steps. I will certainly be adding to the federal listing, to spur on potential impromptu investigations where you have the freedom of how that goes.


The release is nothing over the top or super special, but I figured I would share what I have for the time being with the community. If you have any potential questions you'd like to see added in or have suggestions or any kind of feedback, surely let me know in the comments below. I will also be getting some more screenshots later.


What is planned is Fire Investigations, Robbery, Homicide, Auto Theft and several others.  

What's New in Version 0.9.0   See changelog


-Added several sections.

-Charges, for when arresting and booking people.

-Citations given out on traffic stops, there are numerous tickets they may refuse to sign.

-Fines, On foot based fines.

-Transit Interactions, A set of questions geared towards the metro and airport.


What's Next:

-Expansion of select categories.

-Additional responses to previous questions

-An additional branching case under Federal

-Expanding the list of charges, fines, and citations.

Created by ykcir30

Credit if used as a base for a different release.

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