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[NON-ELS] [FIVEM READY] EMS Supervisor Tahoe 1.0.0

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10 Screenshots

This is a 2019/2020 EMS Supervisor Tahoe I put together


If you are having issues read the readme first. If problems persist join my discord and ask for help there:


Please do not try and re-upload this as your own.


This is pretty much complete, however if you have any suggestions feel free to comment them or put them in my discord




Extra 1 - Lightbar

Extra 2 - Steady Burns

Extra 3 - Dash Light

Extra 4 - Grill Lights

Extra 5 - Rear Window Lights

Extra 6 - Rear IONs

Extra 7 - Tracer DUOs

Extra 8 - Spotlight

Extra 9 - Motorola Antenna

Extra 10 - Small Antennas


2019/2020 Tahoe PPV - Dan with da van

Whelen Liberty 1 - RoegonTV
Whelen Avengers - Otaku
Whelen IONs - CEO
Whelen Tracer DUO - Krul
Misc Interior:

Console - Jakub
Cencom Siren Controller - Jakub
Harris 7100 Radio - Jakub
Toughbook - CJ24
Laptop Stand - Twurtleee
Dashcam - CJ24
Progard Seat Organizer - Modeled by ErinLindsay, converted to GTAV by Koduuh
Narcan - Othrin
Medical Bags - Candice
LifePak - Billy J
Cones - Rockstar Games
Dunkin Donuts Drink - Billy J
Misc Exterior:

Motorola Antenna - CJ24
Other Antennas - Billy J

DO NOT resell or redistribute this model

DO NOT attempt to unlock the model

DO NOT claim credit for this model





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