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2020 Ram Battalion Truck - RedSaint Modifications 1.0.1

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Hell my name is RedSaint. I just hit 3k members in my discord and have finally had the time to give back. I decided for hitting this milestone it is time to present some of my best work to the public and here it is. I hope all of you enjoy!


Find My Other Mods Here: https://redsaintmods.com/


Find My Discord Here: https://redsaintmods.com/discord

What's New in Version 1.0.1


1. Fixed Door Badging
2. Fixed Plate Ions

Base: 2016 Ram By Kane104; Converted to a 2020 by RedSaint

Front End / Taillights: Purchased by RedSaint from CGTrader

Equipment: Dash light - 0taku; Prod - For The Front Bumper; SCBA - Purchased by RedSaint From Turbosquid; FD Related Equipment - Steve 5546; Handheld Radios - Dylan H.; Console; Computer - CJ24 ; Par 46, Dominator, Plug - Joshua Tanner; Lightbar / Ions - CEO; Radios and Siren Controller - Jakub

Skin / Textures: Henry J - For the skin; DatBlackVan For The Winch Texture

If I have missed anything or did anything correctly. Don't hesitate to give me a dm!

1 - Reselling or Redistribution is prohibited.

2 - Leaking or Ripping my models is also prohibited .

3 - All models come in a locked format attempting to unlock these locked models is prohibited.

4 - Do not claim credit for this model  this is prohibited

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This content has been promoted on our Twitter account. We promote content that is good quality and/or shows community interest. Keep up the great work!

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????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Public Release ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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