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Vespucci Lifeguard Station | Basic Edits | YMAP [FIVEM] 1.0

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Hello folks, second YMAP I'm releasing for y'all! My buddy Hayden suggested this one and after some struggling with Codewalker to get it to load I actually managed to figure it out, some trial and error later we now have the first open Lifeguard Station for parking Rescue Vehicles! I did not add anything to this map except remove props.






If you like this and want to see upcoming previews of releases or help suggest new edits, report bugs, etc. You can join myself and some buddies in our Discord:

Hayden's Development:

YMAP edits by: Christopher (Black0ut.)

Suggestion/Idea: Hayden ❤️

Common Sense applies;


- Do not redistribute outside of GTAPOLICEMODS,

- Refrain from stealing credit or fraudulently claiming as own,


You MAY;


- Use this in FiveM communities, (please do I made it for you to)

- Convert to Singleplayer DLC (If you join the discord and send me the converted DLC, I will likely add a second zip file and credit you for the conversion)
- Use in YMAP Packs (Only with proper Credits please)

Having anything but fun is not allowed.  🙂

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This content has been promoted on our Twitter account. We promote content that is good quality and/or shows community interest. Keep up the great work!

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6 minutes ago, Ray said:

Very nice work! Keep up the great content 🙂 


Thanks Ray, I certainly will! I've got plenty more ideas flowing through me for these little edits. 🙂

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