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[NON-ELS] [FIVEM READY] 2020 Chevy Silverado Command/Utility Truck 1.0.1

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Here is a 2020 Chevy Silverado command/utility truck.


If you are having issues please read the readme first. If problems persist join my discord and ask for help there:


Please do not try and re-upload this as your own.


Extra List:

Extra_1 - Lightbar

Extra_2 - Rambar

Extra_3 - Slideout in

Extra_4 - Slideout out

Extra_5 - Whelen M2s

Extra_6 - Whelen Dominator

Extra_7 - Dashlight Avengers

Extra_8 - Windshield Avengers

Extra_9 - Antennas

Extra_10 - Running lights

What's New in Version 1.0.1


- Fixed Livery

- Added the actual Templates

2020 Silverado - Original Model by Apex Converted and Edit by MelmanDesigns
Whelen Freedom - 0taku
Whelen Avengers - 0taku
Whelen LIN3 - Officerfive0
Whelen Dominator - OfficerFive0, CJ24's emissive textures
Whelen M2 -  OfficerFive0, CJ24's textures
Offroad Light - Sniper67
Everything Else:
Toughbook - CJ24
Laptop Stand - Twurtleee
Console - Console Model & Textures by CJ24, Edited by Jakub
Cencom Sapphire Siren Controller - OfficerFive0
APX 6500 Radio - Dan with da van
Proguard seat organizer - Made by ErinLindsay for GTA IV, Converted to GTA V by Koduuh
Narcan - Othrin
Fire Helmet - printable_models on, wooglegoogle for conversion
Notepad - Rockstar Games
Barriers - Rockstar Games
Cones - Rockstar Games
Turnout Gear - Rockstar Games
Bed cap - Thero, made functional by KingRollingStone
Bed Slideout - Nik0
Chainsaw - 7BarGaming
Medical Bags - Candice
LifePak - Billy J
Antennas - CJ24
Fire extinguishers - Models - Vartanyan, theflyingtim (TurboSquid), Mark - Model to z3d & PolyCrunching a bit.

Livery - Cayden
All put together by Cayden

Credit me if you make and release a livery for this

Do not attempt to unlock and rip parts

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