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This San Andreas Highway Patrol texture was designed for OCRP’s SAHP ChargerThe texture pack contains one Highway Patrol texture specially made Highway Patrol badging, black and gray stripes on the side of the vehicles, the back includes back striping. These textures where made by Epticz at Neon Modifications and Nutty Modifications.
NOTE: This texture is a work of fiction and should not be taken as real.
Disclaimer: I do not claim this vehicle as mine. I only made the texture not the model.
--Links for Vehicle--
1. Download The Vehicles
2. Make sure to download OpenIV (required) Link: https://openiv.com/
3. Put OpenIV in "Edit Mode"
4. Drag and Drop the vehicle's .ytd in a "mods" folder in OpenIV (must make the mods folder)
5. Open the .ytd file then look for a _sign_1 or any number after _sign_
6. Click on the sign texture you would wish to replace. Click on the replace then choose the texture that you want to use.


To the Orange County Roleplay Community for releasing this vehicle with a template!

Terms of Use and Distribution:
This texture pack is freeware and may not be exploited for personal, financial, or commercial gain. This texture pack is provided without any form of warranty.
Therefor, responsibility for any damages caused by this texture pack or its misuse rest solely on the user, and author(s) will accept no liability. You may NOT redistribute this product if you do:
-you will be told to take it down by the author(s)
-the redistributed texture pack will be removed via contacting the admins or moderators of the site
-legal actions could be taken


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