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[Non-ELS] 2018 CHP Styled Tahoe 1.0.0

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2018 CHP Styled Tahoe

Yeah so I made this not too long ago it's pretty cool can go hardtop and slicktop features a fully working rear TA bar which uses extras to toggle the 2 patterns, interior is up to the best standard I could get it and as for lighting parts they are probably the most accurate minus the avengers which I know should be talons but I couldn't find any. Let me know of any bugs in the comments and if you could leave a review after using that would help a lot! This is non-ELS so is compatible with luxart vehicle control on FiveM and just normal SP if you wish to.


Nothing else to say really, come join my Discord if you want I release some cool stuff in there uhm yeah enjoy.

Moi Discord

Misc Parts:
Terry Sloman
HP Deskjet

Ghost Dev Studios ToS
--> You are not allowed to resell or redistribute my models Under any circumstances.
--> You are not allowed to rip/leak my models.
--> All purchases are NON-refundable.
--> I am not responsible to any damages toward the performance or server or your computer.
--> I will accept PayPal Transactions only.
--> All transactions are final.
--> No discounts will be given to anyone for any reasons other than when I announce them.
--> You cannot give these to your friends servers even if you are a dev unless you have special permissions granted!
--> To correlate to FiveMs ToS all my models are not bought to be used specifically for FiveM but You are free to use these for your own server once purchased!
--> All my models are Non ELS, they do not come with single player install guides, you are supposed to know how to do this before hand!
--> These Terms of Service are always subject to change.

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