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[ADDON/REPLACE] Utah Highway Patrol Pack w/ Reflective Liveries 3.0.0

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Hey guys! Another pack coming at you today. There have been a few other UHP cars/packs made, but being from there, I have noticed no one has got it dead on. (No offence to other devs that tried, they were still really good, just not as accurate to IRL) Whether it be the livery or the light pattern. So I decided to make one 99% right because I have access to the charger via my uncle so I hope you guys like it!


As always....

DO NOT rip or republish my work (Don't be one of those people)

DO NOT edit this pack without my permission

Give me credit if this pack is used in yt vid or stream


Pack Vehicles:

-2016 Explorer

-2018 Charger

-2018 Durango



-All credits are in the credits tab and I double checked them to make sure I didnt miss any.

-If you like my work or want a custom vehicle/livery, join my discord server https://discord.gg/YZAXNdFRYt


Special Thanks to my bros that helped along the way

-Scorpionfam (Made the liveries while I made the car)

-Nahtheeeen (Emotional Support)

Edited by pjduhbest

What's New in Version 3.0.0   See changelog


For those who downloaded the ADDON PACK previously, you need to reinstall it in order for it to work.

Forgot a little line of code.


Sorry for the inconvenience!!


Again, the only people that have to reinstall are the people that installed the ADDON PACK

[2016 Explorer model]
- Ford explorer Base model purchased by Thehurk, GTAxB0SS, Requiem and Windows446
- Poly Crunched, Textured, Converted by Thehurk.
- Interior purchased by TrentMU and FRGamer
- Textures by Taylor Swift, Thehurk, & OfficerUnderwood
- Heavily edited this piece of shit into a polished piece of shit by OfficerUnderwood
- Rims by BxBugs123, Centercap by Carper
- Interceptor Hood text by GTAxB0SS

-RoegenTTV for the original bar with edits my me
-CEO for textures.
-Five0 for textures and for the Feet and clips.
-Otaku for metal modules behind the emissive and the textures.

-Textures - Matt's with slight edits (by me)
-Scratch modelled by eknjack

[M/A-Com Radio]

-Cap'n Crunch, JBD

[Console Pack]
-All by Twurtleee

[Partition Pack]
-All by Twurtleee

[Gun Rack]
-Black-Rac Rack modeled and textured by Frost88
-M4 Rifle off Turbosquid and converted by Frost88

[Siren Control]
-Federal signal Smart controller series B modeled
-textured and UV mapped by Dan with da Van

-Whelen Linz6 Module scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
-Whelen Tir3 Module scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
-Whelen Dominator scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
-Converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0

[Rocket Mods air-freshener]
-Carbon Mods

To fix durango window/light tine, use simple trainer>vehicle options>vehicle mod menue>window tint>change to none

DO NOT REUPLOAD MY PACK AS YOUR OWN. Be a man and make your own



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