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2020 RAM 3500 Dually "TOY HAULER" 1.1

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Hello all, today I decided to make a good Dually fifth wheel hauler. The trailer attached in the back of the truck, via attach_female.

If you would prefer a hitch to be in the regular spot I can make a version for you too. Just DM me: chungah#6349 on Discord.

This is very simple, but it is a great quality truck.

Worked with the free "PJ Gooseneck" on GTA5-MODS. I can assume it works just as well or better with Bagged Customs Big Tex lineup.



Truck has default spawn code, make sure you add your trailer that you would like to use to the vehicles.meta under <trailers>.

use this format: 


^copy this line 


Poly Count: 223 829

Used the ball part of the hitch by Sniper76.

DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/5m6uMJp5PU

Last but not least, enjoy everyone!


Edited by chungah

What's New in Version 1.1


Fixed LOD issue where truck would dissapear after walking away from it.

Model: RAZ3R/Officerteenpenny

Hitch: Sniper67


1. Chargebacks will result in immediate ban from my discord and any updates to my mods.

2. PayPal only, I will not accept any other form of payment. 

3. Transactions are final, no refunds will be given for any reason. 

4. I am in no way responsible for any harm this may cause to your machine or server. 

5. If you are caught leaking I will ban you from my discord, and you will never have access to any other my mods again. 

6. You are to not sell my mods to anyone else, all purchases come through me. 

7. You are to give them to other people/devs only unless permission is granted. 

8. You are to never RIP my mods, immediate ban will happen if you are found doing so. 

9. Customers are to always respect my other members/ customers


1. Please respect other members and creators.

2. Please ask for support in #support , that’s what it is for. 

3. Leaking is never tolerated, if I have evidence of involved in leaking you will be yeeted to a land far beyond. 

4. All customers must agree to TOS before purchasing. 

5. Cursing is allowed, but NO slurs/ racial slurs. I don’t care if they towards anyone or not. You will NOT be saying them here. 

6. Have fun and enjoy yourself here. We are welcoming to all new people and my DM’s are always open.


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