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Paleto Bay Police Department Minipack 1.0.1

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Paleto Bay Police Department Pack
Created by Dynamic


-If you wish to see the lights: https://gyazo.com/1701ace4d6eba99e2f6acf2a76c5919f https://gyazo.com/0503897a07a2f6cc9485071ce1198be4

-This pack is NON-ELS


- You are not allowed in any way to modify or rip of this model
- Dynamic is not responsible for any type of game crashes or problems that occur during the time of your download till the installation and use of the asset into your FiveM/GTA V game. Due to the content working till the time of release. Ask for assistance in my Discord to resolve the issue. 
- Do not attempt to profit off of my content.
- Do not upload to another site or attempt to claim the vehicle as your own.

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


- Added Templates

2011 Crown Victoria:
2010 Ford CVPI by Turn 10 Studios, Converted to V by OfficerUnderwood
Edited into 98-11 by OfficerUnderwood
(All Turn 10 stuff are not included as covered by first credit)
Steering Wheels
- 98-04 Steering wheel by Ubisoft
- 98-05 Guages by Ubisoft
- AM/FM/TAPE by Ubisoft
- 98-02 Headrests and textures by Lundy
Door Panels
- 98-02 Front door panels by Ubisoft, Rear by Schaefft
Light Panels
- 98-02 Light panel by Ubisoft
- Chrome and Matte Black grille by Ubisoft
  - 06-11 Steelies by Carper
2014 Dodge Charger:
- 2013 Charger SRT8 from Forza Horizon 
- Converted and textured by Thehurk
- Converted to PPV by Thehurk
- Templated by Thehurk
- Taillight textures by Five0
- Dodge Charger Steelie by Matt/Peralta
- L4 model by BxBugs123
- Further edits and overhaul by KLE0, including improved headlights, taillights, marker lights, new dirtmap, dials, buttons, remapped and smoothed dash, seats and floor, and more.
- Other bug fixes and optimizations by KLE0.

Goodyear Eagle RS-A 
- Textures by Robert
- Original tire model by Matt
- Tire remapping and wisdom from Cj24
- Special thanks to GeorgieMoon, Matt and Cartres for their help
2013 Chevy Impala:
- 2005 Impala LS by Ubisoft
- Modifed into 2016 LPV and converted to GTA V by OfficerUnderwood
- Grill by unknown (From Tahoe)& Seats by Ubisoft, edited by OfficerUnderwood
- Impala side badge by OfficerFiveO
- Wheels by 0taku
- Headlights, Taillights, Chevrolet Ribbon, Rear seats, Flex Fuel badge, Slatted grille, Mesh grille and Front plate + holder modeled and textured by TerrySloman
- Wheel Collisions and dummy rotation modified by Jophics
- Wheel Model by VooDoo
2009 Dodge Charger:
-Original Dodge Charger Model by EVERMOTION. Model Optimized, UV-Mapped, Templated & Converted to GTA
V by PSource.
-Body L2 & L3 from Forza 4 SRT8 2010 Charger. Textured and Templated by PSource
-Body Polyfilling from Original GTA V Models and Forza 4, Fitted by PSource. Door Jambs Modeled by PSource.
-2009-2010 Taillights & Reverse Lights from NFS MW 2012 Charger. Fitted and Texture Editing by PSource .
-Dials and Dial Emissive Textures by PSource.
-Door Trim, Gear Lever, Interior Mounted Mirror and Steering Wheel from Forza. Converted, Fitted and
Textured by PSource.
-Driver & Passenger Front Seats from Simraceway. Converted by PSource.
-Tire Tread from Original GTA V Models. Fitted by PSource. 
- RoegenTTV for the original bar.
- CEO for textures.
- Five0 for textures and for the Feet and clips.
- Otaku for metal modules behind the emissive and the textures.
- Tyler. for edits
- Whelen ION SOLO modelled, textured and converted to GTA V by CEO.
- Whelen Inner-Edge XLP by Bueno
- Watchguard PX-2 Modeled,Textured and UV mapped by Dan with da Van, Emis by Infidelplz
- Motorola APX 6500 Modeled, Textured and UV mapped by Dan with da van
- Whelen Cencom Sapphire scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
- converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0
- Dunkin Donuts Cup by TerrySloman
- Havis Console by Jakub
- Lojack antennas scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
- m16 and Remington m870 converted by Walterss
- Model is scratch built by johnclark1102, Texture is made by diablozer0d617 (PocketJet Printer)
- Toughbook CF-31 by CJ24
- Cencom Modelled & Textured by Jakub
- Antennas by BillyJ
- Laptop stand by Turtle
- Gun rack by Turtle
- Kustom Signal Radars Modelled And Textured By - Jakub
- Prisoner partition by unknown
- GoRhino pushbars by Carper
- Unity spotlight modeled and textured by GeorgieMoon.
- Medbag by unknown
- Cabinet,shield and evidence box sratch modeled and textured by panos_zaf. 
- Cones and metal sheet bump map by Rockstar.
- Armour by Rockstar, textures by Rockstar
- Livery made by GTAKING2300 (Modified by Dynamic)

Q: Why aren't my lights bright?
A: You do not have light-enhancing mod (Visualsettings.dat.) Install a mod like RadienceV or something that will make your lights brighter. (Comes in Visual Mods)


Q: What visual mod do you use?
A: VisualV. 


Q: Can I use this is my FiveM server?
A: I wouldn't have released it if you couldn't!


Q: What handling line and vehicle sound do you suggest?
A  It is personal preference. All of my suggestions are already included with the car.


Q: What is your next release?
A: Join my Discord to stay updated.


Q: Do you do custom orders?
A: Visit my Discord for more information!


Q: Will you be the developer for my FiveM server?
A: I will not be developing for any FiveM server unless I join a perferred community and they need development assistance.


Q:Will you make this ELS?

A:I have no intentions on converting it, but the future is bright, I guess idk.

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1 hour ago, alex gordon said:

where am i suppose to install these at for example the cvpi since its non els thats why im wondering

You should be able to install them live any other vehicle. I'm not familiar with Singleplayer so I don't know how to do dlcpacks just yet, but I think the classic installing into the latest patchday should work

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2 hours ago, Deputy7501 said:

vehicle lights does not work. 

tried to change the vehicle carcols, but still won't work



They do....

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