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2016 Ford Explorer | Whelen Legacy [NON-ELS] 1.0.1

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---- Compatibility ----
Light Colors? Red & Blue, & All Blue
Non-ELS? Yes
Template? Yes
Locked? Yes


--- Features --- 
Multi livery support
Lots of Detail
Realistic Lighting Layout


--- Extras ---

Extra 1 - Pushbar

Extra 2 - Antennas

Extra 3 - Spotlights up

Extra 4 - Spotlights down

Extra 5 - Seat Organizer

Extra 6 - More antennas

Extra 7 - Partition

Extra 8 - Laird Phantom

Edited by bzisniper

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Fixed an issue where Passenger door was not opening properly

Base Model - Kane104
Legacy - OfficerFive0
Various Lighting - Krul, CEO

Various Parts - Billy J

Screenshots - @lobsterninjas

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Just now, CivJay said:

They gotta put this on their twitter, its hot!

Was already promoted on Twitter ?



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i made this explorer a NY based exp by making the lights red and white and changed the refection to be white where the white is and red where the blue refection was, and i made a Liberty City Alderney Port Authority decals for it too so the lights fit with the decal.

Edited by MetroManufacturing
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On 12/19/2020 at 10:52 AM, 14Alex0365 said:



21 hours ago, Jay Gatsby said:

Holy WOW. Top notch!!!


15 hours ago, Every6Minutes said:

Outstanding Job man, love the outer edges, not enough people use em!


14 hours ago, LuxVehicleDevelopment said:

Love this skin!!!


Appreciate all the love

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52 minutes ago, ICALIHALL0W said:

Hi. The car is amazing, love the lighting setup. 2 issues. When the car is in the rockstar editor, the lights are all messed up. Second issue is the passenger door, it doesn't open. 

Hello, as far as the rockstar editor thing, that's not something I can fix, but for the passenger door I uploaded a fix, just redownload

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