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LSPD/Palmer Based Skin Mega Pack - 4K v1.2

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21 Screenshots




Anything i release is exclusive to GTAPOLICEMODS.


This pack is based off Palmer Police Department in Massachusetts.


I started this pack way back at the start of the year, I just did could not find a skin pack for the LSPD that i could fit all the cars i liked and embarked on creating it myself, this was my first attempt since i gave up making skins years ago, I have taken super long on fine tuning things and re learning techniques that i had forgotten.  Apologies for the time that it has taken if you have been waiting for this but here it is. I plan to continue updating this as long as their is interest and add new vehicles as they become available 


This pack includes over 60 textures most of which are just different unit numbers however some vehicles do have specialist skins or different variants.


Some specialist skins include, SWAT, Highway Patrol and K9. 


Not all skins are included in the screenshot's. Currant supported vehicles are:


2012 Caprice 

2014 Charger (3 templates)

2014 Explorer

2014 Explorer

2014 Tahoe

2015 Bearcat

2016 Explorer (2 Templates)

2016 Taurus

2017 Pitbull 

2018 Charger

2018 Taurus 

2019 Durango

2020 Explorer 

2020 F150

2020 Tahoe (2 Templates)

2011 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 


If you would like to see more vehicles added let me know and i will do my best if the demand is high enough.


I hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed creating it





Edited by DjangoP054

What's New in Version v1.2


-Added CVPI By Officer Underwood 

-Other Minor Bug Fixes 



Skins by me. 

Q Can you add a vehicle that has not been included in this pack?

A Maybe, Leave a comment with the vehicle you want textured and i will see what i can do.


Q Can i use this in FIVEM 

A Yes, As long as it is not claimed as your own work. (You do not need to ask me first)


Q Can i use this on a model i have created and upload it?

A Yes, As long as it is not claimed as your own work and it is ONLY released on GTAPOLICEMODS.COM .  (You do not need to ask me first)

You can use these skins however you want and have my permission to do so. However, Please respect the time taken
to create these skins and credit me where applicable. 

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On 12/18/2020 at 6:59 PM, DjangoP054 said:


Thank you for the kind words, I did try and do a CVPI skin as Palmer did use CVPI's however i couldn't get the design to look good ?

You did it!!!! You added the cvpi and it looks phenomenal!!

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5 hours ago, SeanK6299 said:

You did it!!!! You added the cvpi and it looks phenomenal!!


You wont believe how many people were asking so i spent some time on it and it looks alright, and thank you! 


Again i am thinking about making EUP for the pack too and i am still looking for new vehicles to add.


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love the pack my friend can u add a 2021 explorer. it will complete my collection . all my cars have this skin

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6 hours ago, newkid said:

i also would like to know where the cars are for these skins

the link is legit two posts up...the other vehicles not in this pack are private. 

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The 2014 charger in the screenshots does have a license plate, but if I put the skin on it, the license plate is covered with the skin. So you cant see the license plate. I am talking about the charger from trooper 18. Btw the rest of the skins are perfect!

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None of the skins have licence plates, the vehicle you are sticking the skin on must not use GTA V's randomly generated licence plates.

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Hi, i love your pack but also im trying to find the explorer you used in your screenshots, any link?

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