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LSPD Expo Pack by leod23 1.0.0

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LSPD Expo Pack by leod23


Current Vehicles (and links to models from screenshots):

2011 Crown Vic (LSPD Legacy Pack)
2014 Charger (LSPD Legacy Pack)
2014 Tahoe (LSPD Legacy Pack)
2016 Explorer (LSPD Legacy Pack)
2016 Taurus (LSPD Legacy Pack)
2018 Charger (LSPD Legacy Pack)
2018 Ram (LSPD Pack)
2019 Tahoe (LSPD Legacy Pack)
2020 Explorer (LSPD Legacy Pack)

Ford F350 (F350 Camper)
Chevy Express Van (Chevy Express Van)
Maverick Helicopter (VANILLA MODEL) 


All of these models come in the following colors:

Beige and Blue
Blue and Grey

White and Blue

Black and Blue



1. Go to the patchday that has the vehicle's file that you want to replace using OpenIV
2. Open the .ytd file for that vehicle using OpenIV *Make sure edit mode is on*
3. Simply drag and drop the .png file for the vehicle you want to replace into the texture viewer
4. Open the game


Discord: https://discord.gg/NBBpTSp


Do not republish without permission

Do not use on FiveM without permission

Do not modify these files without my permission

Do not use any of the assets from this pack without my permission

I am not responsible for anything that this does to your computer


This is an original pack, it is not based off of any real life police department. Everything in this pack was made by me EXCEPT FOR PARTS of the LSPD badge which is a modified version of the real life police departments logo. I did however turn it into the badge and therefore you can't just steal it and use it in your own packs. Thank you for reading this far and thank you for downloading this if you do. If you have any questions you can comment on this page, use my discord server, or message me on this site. I may add new vehicles to this pack so make sure you check back here. If you want me to recreate your local police/sheriff car just ask and I may or may not do it.





textures by leod23

No stealing

Ask before using on FiveM or other public server

Don't reupload ANYWHERE

I'm not responsible for anything that happens to your computer


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