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[4K] Los Santos PD Custom Skin Pack 1.0.0

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20 Screenshots

Ok. This skin pack was made for Redneck's 2019 FS Valor Pack. Redneck's vehicles are NOT in this pack, and sadly i couldn't do the 2003 expedition skin as the template wasn't so good, Sorry about that 🙂
You can go to his discord which is everywhere.
But of course it can work on other packs aswell that use the common bases below.
so the skins will work on the bases listed here:


GM's 15-20 Tahoe (PPV)
OfficerUnderwood's 16 Taurus (FPIS)
OfficerUnderwood's 16 Explorer (FPIU)
BlueGhost's 19 Durango
0taku's 11 Crown Victoria
Kane104's 13 Caprice (PPV)
Matt's 18 Charger
HighSpeed Design's 03-06 Tahoe


If you fit the liveries on one of these bases in-game and it looks blurry you can fix it by making the sign/template in OpenIV to the properties [DXT5] And [Mipmaps 1], or when your in FiveM you press F8 then type
the cmd [str_MaxVehicleTextureRes 4096] and it should be looking crisp as shown in the screenshots.


And yea dont be a child and rip anything of the skins or claim as your own work. If you have any suggestions 
for future projects, suggestions, questions please direct message me on discord tawfiq#3104.

Everyone who i mentioned in the description

Dont be a annoying person and rip stuff of off my skins

Dont claim anything in the file as your own work

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9 hours ago, TheCipher01 said:


This content has been promoted on our Twitter account. We promote content that is good quality and/or shows community interest. Keep up the great work!

appreciate it!

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On 12/11/2020 at 8:52 AM, edward3247 said:

I luv the textures and I am abt to download it and I am just wondering where you got those rims from.

those rims are on lspdfr by blueghost im pretty sure, its a wheel pack with many different wheels

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