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[ELS] Unmarked Generic Indiana Municipal Police 2014 Dodge Charger

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Shepardson Modifications 

Unmarked Generic Indiana Municipal Police
2014 Dodge Charger

Updated - 11/17/2020


Well it's about time for another release, this time it is of my own creation. This vehicle is not based on any particular town or municipality. I have also decided to expand my capabilities and am starting to add more fine details into the models I create. See what is new for this vehicle below.


I do also plan to add more equipment in the days to come but wanted to get this out for everyone to enjoy. I have to say it is by far my favorite vehicle I have created so far. 


Please let me know if you are able to find any bugs in the comments section and I will work on them as quickly as possible. Also if you do happen to download the vehicle and enjoy it be sure to share it or my other files so that they can get out to the community. 


Please Note: This vehicle was designed to replace police. Please be mindful when changing the name of the vehicle it may cause items to break.




• Working Siren Controller (flashes with lights or Traffic Advisor)
• Accurate License Plates
• Accurate Equipment
• Smoked out Whelen Ions, Inner Edge (rear), and STL Visor Bar
• Working Traffic Advisor in Red/Blue configuration 
• Multi Colored Whelen Ions throughout the vehicle 

• Lighting patterns already set within the police.xml ELS File 

• Added ALPR Units

• Added Dual Stalker Radar Unit W/ Remote Control 

• Added Dash Camera 



Demonstration Videos 



-- 2014 Dodge Charger --
- 2014 Dodge Charger from Real Racing 3, Converted to IV by GeorgieMoon, Converted & Modified for GTA V by Bxbugs123 & Carper.
- Headlights, Taillights, Interior, Grill from Foza, Fitted, Modified, Textured & Converted for GTA V by Bxbugs123,
- Headlight, Taillight & Interior Textures Remade by Carper and Bxbugs123.
- Chassis L2,s & L3's Modeled, Converted & Textured for GTA V by Bxbugs123.
- Rim by GerryStudio Modified, Converted & Textured For GTA V by Bxbugs123.
- All Police Equipment Modeled, Textured & Converted for GTA V by Bxbugs123 (see model overview for full list of equipment.)
- All Police Lighting Equipment Modeled, Textured & Converted for GTA V by Bxbugs123 (see model overview for full list of Lighting.)
- Setina Pushbar Wrap Modeled, Textured & Converted for GTA V by Bxbugs123.
- All Vehicle Antennas Modeled, Textured & Converted for GTA V by Bxbugs123.
- M870 Shotgun by GRIM, AR by Rockstar Games, Pro-Gard Gun Rack by Bxbugs123.
- Setina Partition Modeled, Textured & Converted for GTA V by Bxbugs123.
- HighSpeed LEE Console & Coffee Cup Modeled, Textured & Converted for GTA V by Bxbugs123.
- Decatur Genesis I Radar Made & Converted by Bxbugs123, Textures By Bxbugs123 & DoTTGaMMa.
- MPH900 ALPR Modeled, Textured & Converted for GTA V by Bxbugs123.
- SKINS Made By Bxbugs123 & Lt.Caine

-- Unity 335 Spotlight --
- Spotlight Created By Turn10Studios; Converted And Edited By Shmurda
- Soundoff PAR46 LED Insert Created By Shmurda
- Spotlight Mounting Bracket From GameModels.RU
- Textures By Shmurda

-- Dell Laptop --
- Dell Latitude 6430/20 ATG by OfficerUnderwood

-- PX-2 --
-Watchguard PX-2 Modeled,Textured and UV mapped by Dan with da Van

-- Stalker Radar System --
Stalker Radar Modelled & Textured by Jakub

-- ALPR --
TomCat8492: Scratch Modeler
BiscuitHead Modifications: Converter

-- Whelen Inner Edge --
Scratch modeled in zmodeler 3 by Othrin
Textures by Othrin

-- STL Visor Bar --
LINZ6 Light Modules: Scratch Modeled by Five0
LINZ6 Texture: Five0

Raptor Visor Bar & Virtue8 TA: Scratch Modeled by BlueGhost
STL Texture: BlueGhost

-- Laptop Stand and Center Console --
- Console by Twurtleee
- Laptop Stand by Twurtleee

-- Whelen Ions --
Whelen ION modelled and textured by CEO.

-- Ion Mounts --
Whelen ION Mounts by Zak

-- Whelen Cencom --
Modeled and textured by MrPotato
cencom texture by Legeorgiettier, buttons by MrPotato, emis by MrPotato

-- Partion --
- Textures by Walters
- Scratch modelled by eknjack

-- Setina Rambar --
Setina by Twurtleee
Setina textured by Twurtlee
Textures provided by Matt

-- Motorola APX 8500 ALL-BAND P25 MOBILE RADIO & PMMN4097 MIC --

Radio and mic scatch made by 0taku
Textuers made by 0taku

-- ISP License Plate Texture and Smoked Lights Apperance --
- Created by Shepardson

This vehicle is utilized for the POLICE slot. 

Shepardson is not responsible for any loss, damage, or destruction to any computer that utilizes the file. This file has had an exceptional amount of time put into it and reflects as much.


Please enjoy this file responsibly!



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