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[Non-ELS] 2020 Ford Expedition 1.0.0

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2020 Ford Expedition for Fire/EMS.
Made by: Len N.#4444

I had originally intended on making this a full release on my discord, but i felt that i should give the fire/ems scene in fivem some better apparatus.

All functioning collisions and lighting, as well as a toggleable traffic advisor and a command light.

This isnt my first vehicle, nor is it my first free release, but its my first time uploading to GPM.

All Credits go to the credits section.

Special thanks to Max and Jacob, who were major testing contributors to help me make the model working properly.

Understand that this isnt completed, i still plan on removing the sunroof, and changing the wheels, but for now, its good as is!

The model is locked, and released for free, following the author of the model's guidlines




Extra 1 - Front Lights Kill Switch
Extra 2 - Back Lightbar Lights
Extra 3 - Back Lightbar Traffic Advisor
Extra 4 - Front Flood light flashers (Amber)
Extra 5 - Front Flood light White takedown
Extra 6 - Command Light on roof


The file named "2020 expedition information" lists all of the vehicles sirens and color codes, so if you want to change the light colors on the vehicle you can easily do so.

Have a goodnight everyone, and enjoy!

-Len N.


LIGHTING: Krul, Underwood, Dan, Frost88

Antennas and Laptop: BillyJ (u da man)

Boot equipment: BillyJ
Template: Me
Siderunners: Medic4523
And dont forget, Staples for the skin!


Q. Do i need the resource.lua for gta5? A. No, the resource.lua is for fivem.
Q. Is it templated? A. Yes! The template is included in the download.

Q. My lights arent working, help? A. Change the carol siren id in the carcols.meta and also in carvariations.meta

Q. Can i use it in my server? A. Yes! That is the intended use of this model

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On 11/13/2020 at 2:00 AM, Isaiah said:

This is a nice piece of art. Loving the texture and skin that was placed on it, wondering if this can be used for LEO wide things?


Sure it can! just change the light colors!

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On 11/15/2020 at 12:46 PM, Tyler Designs said:

Im normally a person who likes regular police cars and EMS such as tahoes etc etc, but very cool concept I love this!

hey thanks man!

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