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2013 Ford Expedition - Red & Blue - Marked & Unmarked 1.0.0

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7 Screenshots

Here is a 2013 Ford Expedition that I created. This vehicle can be both marked and unmarked with majority of the lighting equipment being toggleable. I did not base this vehicle off of any specific department or state, it is fictional. There are screenshots of the vehicle below thanks to Crazy_Creed72.

The livery is NOT included.

Extra 1: Lightbar
Extra 2: Visor Light
Extra 3: Dash Light
Extra 4: Grill Light
Extra 5: Rear Deck Light
Extra 6: Plate Lights (Rear)
Extra 7: Spotlight (Down)
Extra 8: Spotlight (Up)
Extra 9: Partition
Extra 10: Cargo Partition
Extra 11: Seat Organizer

2013 Expedition Base - Otaku
Ions - CEO
CN Signalmaster - Cj24
Federal Signal Cuda TriOptic - Cj24
Whelen Freedom - Otaku
Gun Rack - Frost88
Motorola - Dan with da van
Laptop Stand - Twurtleee
Siren Controller - Cj24
Dashcam - Cj24
Partitions - Twurtleee
Radar - Jakub
Console - Cj24 & Jakub
Toughbook - Cj24
Spotlights - Cj24
Seat Organizer - Koduuh

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