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LSPD K9 Mini-Pack [4K] 1.0.0

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About this skin:

  This is just a quick little mini-pack thrown together for y'all to enjoy!

  My Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/h6wqXt4


The Vehicle I Used:

Want Custom Skins made?

Join my server for more exclusive content & inquiries for custom livery creation.

  Vehicle Pack: BJackson1991
  Liveries: LSPDFR Pics

Breaching these will result in an instant ban with no chance of appeal

1) Don't alter, edit or redistribute any of my work, this includes both textures and screenshots. Screenshot usage & distribution requires prior permission

2) Use of my work in FiveM/FivePD is permitted, provided you have received permission from me and you provide proper credits.

3) You may only edit textures or screenshots, even if only for personal use, with my permission. If you want the textures fitted to a different model, just ask me and I can release an update to the pack.

4) The #📥-livery-suggestions-📥 channel can/will be used for entities in the #💰-free-listings-💰 channel. If you wish to have a custom pack made specifically for you or your RP Community, you must make a ticket in the #📬commissions📬 channel and discuss your wants/desires for the pack in the ticket. Users caught in leaking servers will be automatically denied, regardless of reasoning.

5) I do not take any responsibility for any game breakages or any other issues that might have been caused by the installation of textures. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR STUFF BEFORE INSTALLING.

6) All sales are final. No refunds will be issued unless approval is given by LSPDFR Pics

7) If any violations of my Terms of Service occur, or any other issues arise, I hold the right to revoke usage of liveries, or release them publicly. If the skins are used by FiveM server and the files go unused or the community closes, the skins will not be held private and will be release publicly.

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