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[Skin] Blaine County Sheriff 2018 Dodge Charger 1.0

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Hello there!


This livery was inspired by Du Page County Sheriff.

This is one of my first livery and the first I ever release I hope you like it!





This livery was made for Matt's 2018 Dodge Charger meaning that if you put this 

on another model it might not be accurate as if you used the original model.


Make sure to read the ReadMe.txt inside the .ZIP file since it contains more detailed information

about the livery and my work.



This vehicle modification is a custom made from @Sniper67 if you want any modification from him
feel free to join: [you can find me there too]




Base vehicle model: Matt.

Vehicle modification: Sniper67.

Vehicle livery & pictures: Cubita.






 Q: Can you make X livery?

A: Yes and No. Currently, I don't do on-demand texture but you are more than welcome to give me some ideas and I might surprise you 😄


 Q: I want to add X thing or remove X thing on the livery can I?

A: NO! You can't modify anu of my livery, not even the color or the unit number!

 This doesn't mean that is the end of the world, you just have to reach out to me 

tell me what you want to have changed and I will do it for free!


Q: Ewww there's X thing overlapping it looks gross!


A: I always try to do my best and put all my knowledge on my work. 

Now if you see an error of mine or anything that shouldn't be there make sure to take a screenshot and let me know!



Q: I wanna use this in my FiveM community can I?

A: Yes be my guess! Now there's some ground rules pal (Check TOS)


-Do not re-upload this anywhere without my explicit written permission!

-Do not modify this livery or claim as yours!

-You are more than welcome to use it on your FiveM server as long you respect FiveM's TOS while using my livery

-I am not responsible for any damage this may cause in any shape or form!


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