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NPC/AI Police Backup [FivePD/Standalone] 0.0.1

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## Works great with FivePD! ##




Its a simple Script where you can trigger your Panic Button and a (NPC/AI) Police Unit will response in CODE3 to help you out. It is in early alpha but feel free to have fun with it!
I made this mod because i play FivePD with only two Friends (kinda like a COOP Game) so we really wanted the function to call backup as we are used to from LSPD:FR.

They are able to Help you in shootouts or other dangerous events. Driver will use the Combat pistol and Passenger the pump shotgun (good ol' 12gauge) in Shootouts.


## !!!KNOWN ISSUES!!! ##

few bugfixes were added, however, SetPedAsGroupMember() is glitchy causing driver_ped and / or passenger_ped to sometimes not be in the player's group. Which means they wont follow the Player BUT they are still able to response to you and help you in shootouts etc.



Copy AIBackup folder into your FiveM resources folder, rembember to edit the server.cfg (ensure AIBackup or start AIBackup)

Works fine with FivePD!



  • Num+ - to call backup
  • Num- - to cancel backup



  • /aib - to call backup
  • /getout - get the Cops out of their car
  • /cb - cancel backup


  • IceHax - for publishing an incomplete amublance script on which gave me the idea and basic structure to create this script
  • Mooreiche - Me/Original Uploader, Greetings from Germany to all Capitalists around the World! What a nice World well live in! 
  • Mobius1 - huge thanks for fixing bugs and saving me alot of headache!


This is my first GTA Script/Mod i did myself. Like the Scripts/Mods i publish for other Games you can edit, reupload, fix, delete, sniff, smoke or what ever you want with this script. Just do not delete anyone out of the credits and add your name to it.

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Nice start. Seems it could still use a bit of work.

Called a backup, and they started trying to get in and out of my police cruiser. Over and over. Tried to cancel them, but they wouldn't stop. Literally opening and closing the doors repeatedly, getting in and out. 

I tried to drive off, and they complained that I was stealing a police car!

Still haven't really had them help in a situation like a shootout though. 

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