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2013 SAFD Ford Expedition 1.0.0

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Howdy! I bring y'all a Fire Expedition 


I couldn't find a skin I liked, so I just based on it that of Stuart Fire Rescue here in Florida. 


Feel Free to skin it and upload the skin. Also feel convert it to B/B, R/B, A/P. Just dont reupload it claiming it as yours. 


Join my Discord!:

*Model from from Hum3d
    Hevaily Edited and Reworked by 0taku
    Converted for use in V by 0taku
    Texutered by 0taku

*Cabin scatched made by 0taku
    asorted parts from DSF/Forza

    6 spoke alloy made and Texutered by 0taku
    SSV rim made by McGarrte, tweaked and texterted my 0taku

*Tire texutered by 0taku.
*Resse towbar hitch Made and texutered by Wolfrunner86

*other asorted parts by Rockgames
    Asorted bump maps from Forza

*Asorted lod work by Five0


Interior Parts:

   Trunk Cabinet:
    - Trunk Cabinet 3d creation by panos_zaf using 3ds max student edition
    - UV mapped and converted to GTA V by panos_zaf, texture by panos_zaf
    - Fire extighuiser by Rockstar, textures by Rockstar
    - Armour by Rockstar, textures by Rockstar
    - Clipboard by Rockstar, textures by Rockstar
    - Cones by Rockstar, textures by Rockstar

    -Blender (WorkPlace)
    -and whoever made the meme

   FD Helmet:
    -printable_models on
    -me for converting to z3d/gtav [wooglegoogle]


Exterior Equipment:

    -Created by Rogue Thunder [PB400]
    - PB-5 Modeled by Dan with Da van
    - Textures by iansonwheels and matt

    -Rockstar Games
    -Myself [High Gear Studios]



    -RoegenTTV for the original bar.
    -CEO for textures.
    -Five0 for textures and for the Feet and clips.
    -Otaku for metal modules behind the emissive and the textures.

    -Side Runners by Raptor 2000


Other Credits:
Dylan/Florida Man
Chris F./Frank D./Dr. Fear
The 21st Century
The Amazing people whom release free public dev models without locking them behind paywalls
And Vint Cerf & Bob Kahn

Q.) Why aren't my Lights bright like yours?
A.) I have a Graphics Pack

Q.) How do I install this into my Singleplayer?
A.) I dont know.

Q.) Can I make a skin for this?
A.) Yes! I would love it if you did that, thanks < 3 

Dont be dumb. 


Dont reupload it claiming it as yours

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