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What is this

This is a web interface for FivePD, this uses the same database as your FivePD, and reads the data to display on a website, this will allow you to see how your officers are doing in-game.


Note: This is more of a debug and monitoring tool, this website will allow you to monitor the in-game players stats!



  • FivePD Setup fully
  • A web server



  • User info
  • Department info
  • Report info
  • Arrest Report info
  • Citation info


How to install:

  1. Drag the "FivePDDashboard" folder into your webserver
  2. Open the "FivePDDashboard" folder, then edit the "database.php" file to match your database details



Support is no longer being offered for this modification as development has been abandoned, due to myself moving on to games development rather then modifications for games.



This does not support mobile devices!


Please read the FAQ to see if your question has been answered already!

Edited by CheekiBabushka
Changed description

What's New in Version 0.3   See changelog


  • Fixed bugs with users who were not in departments
  • Rewritten code to be more efficient

Please note that I am no longer offering support for this modification, this addon is no longer being maintained.

How to change the background?

You can change the background of the Dashboard by replace bg.png inside the img folder, please make sure that the image is of 1920x1080 in size, overwise I cannot guarantee you will see everything.


How do I change the colours of the gradient?

You can change the colours of the gradient in the style.css file in the css folder.


Orignal (Red bottom left corner | Blue top right corner)


.body-gradient {
    position: fixed;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    top: 0%;
    left: 0%;
    background-image: linear-gradient( to top right, rgba(231, 77, 60, 0.801), rgba(52, 152, 219, 0.801));


To change the colours edit the RGB elements of background to your colours


Custom (Red bottom left corner | Orange top right corner)

.body-gradient {
    position: fixed;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    top: 0%;
    left: 0%;
    background-image: linear-gradient( to top right, rgba(234, 32, 39, 0.801), rgba(238, 90, 36, 0.801));


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