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2010 Dodge Charger - Non ELS - Federal Signal 1.0.0

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Hello! I am releasing a Dodge Charger 2010 Exclusively on GTAPoliceMods, just cus. Dont break my TOS, Check out the Credits for info regarding stuff i used if u wanna know, all lighting is Federal Signal,




Base & Template - PSource, EVERMOTION, Forza 4, Rockstar, Simraceway, NFS MW 2012 Charger, All fitted and textured by Psource.

Tires (Rubber Part) - Matt, Robert, GeorgieMoon, Cartres. NOTE: The steelie is made by Psource & EVERMOTION.




ALPR'S - Billy J.

Trunk Shelves - OfficerPudding78.

Rambar - BlackJesus.

Trunk Equipment - Panos_zaf, Rogue Thunder, Jakub, Wraith Haven Customs, Rockstar, Raylan Givens.

Unity SpotLight - Shmurda, Turn10Studios

Liveries - BoeeStudios

Interior Misc:


Gun Rack - Black Jesus

Shotgun - Freddie F. Modifications.

Rifle - Walters

Dashcam - CJ24.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 - CJ24

Stalker Dual DSR - HP Deskjet

PC Stand - Twurtleee

Partition - Twurtleee

Console - JackTheDev. (Edited by me, removing stuff that the model didnt need, but he made the console and textures.)


Wobble Antenna & Small Puck - Liberty. (Antennas on Roof)

Low Profile Antenna & Puck - Billy J. (Antennas on trunk)

Federal Signal stuff:


Federal Signal TouchMaster - Five0.

Federal Signal PathFinder - Gump.

Federal Signal Arjent Sl-S2 - Five0, EVI

Federal Signal Cuda TriOptic - CJ24

Federal Signal CN SignalMaster - CJ24

Forgot any? DM me ASAP


1. I am not responsible for ANY damage to your device, PC, lost files, etc.

2. You agree to me not paying for any medical bills if in case of seizure due to lights, etc.

3. You may not crack, attempt to crack/unlock ANY of my models.

4. Dont take credit for my work.

5. If your game gets error codes and breaks i am not responsible.

6. No redistrubution of this product.


You agree to all the stated terms above by downloading ANY of my assets.

If you have any problems with stated terms, please DM me on discord: Markuller#6969 / Twitter.com/MarkMarkuller

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